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((what made you want to make this blog))

That why so many replies have color and everything, cause if I don’t practice I won’t improve! Over time though, it’s grown to be more - i really love my muses, and I really want to make friends and interact with other characters while developing my own! So I hope to get along with everyone really uvu

Oooooh I can now LIVESTREAM with PROCREATE!

{{ Holy shit the new update for Procreate - the art program I’m using - now enables users to do livestreams!! O3O

Would anyone be interested if I ever did that?

It’d be on a particular platform though, namely the thing called Periscope provided by Twitter apparently (I found nothing to Livestream with Picarto or Twitch from an iPad, unfortunately). But it’s better than nothing!

You’ll find me if you type ‘Amayensis’ in their search bar. :3

Tell me what you think? owo }}