art studio open

work in progress of denée benton as natalya ilyinichna rostova

made some progress at open studio tonight!

Today, I spent half an hour pushing a door open

Shifu Art: Here. You need to practice pushing open this door.
Me: What?
Shifu Art: *shoves studio door open* Practice.
Me: (coherently) The door?
Shifu Art: *points at door* Push.
Me: Uh. Okay. *shoves door open*
Shifu Art: No, *pushes hapless pupil aside* like this– *shoves door open again*
Me: So more dramatically.
Shifu Art: *sighs* No, not dramatically–
Me: –because that’s what you did. *gestures broadly with arms*
Shifu Art: Just push open the door.
Me: *shoves door open*
Shifu Art: *is excited* Yes! Just like that! Again!
Me: I literally just– *sighs. shoves door open*
Shifu Art: Good. Keep practicing.
Me: Pushing this door open.
Shifu Art: Practice.
Me: Door.
Shifu Art: *walks away*

So happy to announce my forth coming solo exhibition Épistolaire Imaginaire - Les Fleures du Japon opening on July 11th in Los Angeles, curated  by BOOK STAND / Claire Cottrell at IKO IKO Space and BUILDING BLOCK.

Opening picnic with tea and teacakes

Saturday, July 11, 3-6PM