art student problem

The Truth About Drawing the Model in Life Drawing Class

✖ sexual tension
✖ people pointing out the model’s flaws
✖ everyone is a pompous jerk
✖ seriously there is 0 sexy atmosphere in this room

✔ shit the model moved again
✔ tiffany brought donuts thank you god
✔ i did not sleep enough and my assignment is due in 10 minutes


Chaotic Good  

Requested by: Anon 

What do I fear the most? Failure.
If I fail , I fail everyone who has expectations from me. And it scares me fucking badly. Because I did not wanted any of this. I had no choice. This is not who i am.this is not who I want to be. I’m slytherin, but I’m not evil.

Things I've Seen in My Art Dept

1. Golden vaginas tied to all the door handles
2. Shirtless men walking around connected by a red string via their belly buttons
3. Someone burning a giant egg
4. My lecturer dyeing his beard blue and wearing fishnet stockings
5. A church group formed to pray for all the gay people in our dept.
6. Giant purple elephant plushie (maybe 2.5m long)
7. A guy walking around with a tiger tail
8. A 10m portrait of Donald Trump
9. A lecturer and a student having a physical fight over star wars vs. star trek
10. A cum painting

Mastering the art of talking is hard.

I am angry, you guys. I am angry because I can’t fucking talk in front of many people. (Sorry for using strong language and I’m deeply sorry that there’s been so much negativity on my blog recently.) The problem is I don’t even know why. And yes, I know it’s kinda ironic to write it on my blog because it doesn’t solve my problem. I’m writing about my talking problem. Haha. You see, right now when I’m typing this, I still have plenty of time to figure out how I can end this sentence. No nervousness. No pressure. I can even look things up online if I don’t find the right word to describe something. I’m almost a sophomore in college at the moment and still almost every presentation or speech I hold in class feels like a failure. I have a perfect picture in my head of how to present a topic, how to sound, how to make people listen to me. Just like those TED talkers who are so passionate about what they’re saying that it seems like giving these speeches is the purpose of their lives. You may say they’ve had lots of practice and have also started from the bottom, but I feel like I’m barely making progress. Fellow students in my classes have made big progress while I’m still standing in the place where I was six years ago. Every time I stand in front of a crowd, I can’t form a logical sentence, I begin to stutter and look down at my notes. And I get angry. The moment I get angry is when I know this is a failure again because anger leads nowhere.

When I give a talk to people older than me (30/40+), I tend to feel more confident and less like a failure. I forget things less often. I feel less nervous and less lost than I would when standing in front of other teenagers and students. Some may argue this is not true, but from personal experience (high school etc.), I feel like I’m being judged by people of the same age so much more.

In my private life, I couldn’t care less if someone’s gossipping about me or doesn’t like the way I am, but in that moment I’m standing there alone facing all these people, everything suddenly matters again.

The most ironic thing about this issue is that I’m not that shy. In fact, I would even consider myself an open person. I love having small-talk. I usually approach people first. I usually make the first move. I’m honest and I’m not afraid of stating my opinion. Some of my friends who are amazing at holding speeches hate talking to strangers, but I don’t. This is why this fucks me up so much.


I’m so excited to share my team’s animation from the 24 Hours Animation Contest 2016! Ours won 3rd place out of 138 groups around the world!

This would not be possible without the work of my talented team mates. They worked so hard over the course of 24 hours, and managed to make a beautiful short together. I’m proud to have been a part of this project with you guys!