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The Truth About Drawing the Model in Life Drawing Class

✖ sexual tension
✖ people pointing out the model’s flaws
✖ everyone is a pompous jerk
✖ seriously there is 0 sexy atmosphere in this room

✔ shit the model moved again
✔ tiffany brought donuts thank you god
✔ i did not sleep enough and my assignment is due in 10 minutes


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Things I've Seen in My Art Dept

1. Golden vaginas tied to all the door handles
2. Shirtless men walking around connected by a red string via their belly buttons
3. Someone burning a giant egg
4. My lecturer dyeing his beard blue and wearing fishnet stockings
5. A church group formed to pray for all the gay people in our dept.
6. Giant purple elephant plushie (maybe 2.5m long)
7. A guy walking around with a tiger tail
8. A 10m portrait of Donald Trump
9. A lecturer and a student having a physical fight over star wars vs. star trek
10. A cum painting

Art critiques in high school:

High School Teachers: In college… your professors will expect nothing short of godhood… you will have to follow EXaCTly all the Art Rules™ or You will be NO GOOD.

My art critique today for Advanced Painting:

Professor: What are you doing?
Me: *Hunkered over a pile of sticks, cross-legged on the floor, shoeless* … This, mostly.
Professor: Where did you get those socks?
Me: My Girlfriend.
Professor: … Find out where she got them. I like them. I’ll come talk to you Monday.


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Just a Head’s Up

Originally posted by adamvanwinden

Now that I am back at school, going into a full animation degree, I need to start compiling an art portfolio. (I’m actually kind of freaking out about it, because I never think my works are good enough to display in professional settings). That being said, I’ll be spending more time on personal projects and polishing old stuff I have than on any fanart projects I have lined up. Including Dystopitale and stuff. 

I’m not saying I’m totally stopping, I’m saying the uploads might get scarce, (๑◕︵◕๑) This sudden portfolio build-up is necessary if I want to apply and get accepted to top Universities in my area. Because there is no way I can afford private art school. 

But in the meantime, while things go very quiet, here is part of a rough blueline I finished for my last big Undertale project:

It’s fast, I know, but I needed to time it with the tempo of the song.

Cheers to you all.

03/08/16 || Productive day today, I did 10 pages more than what was on my schedule wich is super great, if I go on like this I have like all the weekend free wich would be AMAZING.
Also my glasses came today but one side is a little too tight so I have to sort that out because it’s hurting my ear and my head really bad.