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it’s 23 in my timezone so yea here’s my @vldexchange‘s Sheith Birthday Exchange for @lucifercaelestis ! thanks for dragging me to pre-kerberos hell sobs;; hope you like it!

i just want he knows that everyone loves this birthday boy ;;

also sorry for being inactive lately October is super tough by giving me deadlines ;;

T H E   S A I L O R   P A L A D I N S [10.22.2017]

After over a year of working on them, I can finally say they’re done. It’s been a long, on and off process, but I finally decided it was Time. And here they are!

A lot has happened since I started this piece. Three seasons, in fact. There have been several moments where I wanted to quit because other people started posting their own versions (and I’m an easily discouraged person whoops), but I was attached, and here we are. Hope you guys like it! :)

This will be sold as an 11x17 print at Kansas City Comic Con here in a few weeks (November 10-12, 2017), so if you happen to see it, come say hi to me!

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