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New Hyrule Stable & Inn T-shirt with front and back design!

Beedle T-shirt!

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After loving every single horse in Breath of the Wild, I decided I needed to make all of them! They’re all transparent backgrounds, so you can put them all together to make the stable of your dreams~ Click the links at the bottom to find all of your favorite horsey friends.

Many thanks to acci-dream98, and their helpful guide of all the different horse patterns in BotW.

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someone (i think it was @fatlardo?) posted about the darkest Check Please timeline (Shitty playing Lacrosse, etc) and it was pretty funny, until i started thinking of the real darkest timeline… i’m so sorry.

  • Jack died during his overdose.
  • Bitty never got out of Georgia. He’s closeted and sad and only has friends over the internet. 
  • Shitty went to the College his father told him to go, he’s miserable, is slowly becoming a douche himself.
  • Lardo had to be realist and chose a career more stable than art. She goes into management, which feels right, but there’s something, a lot, actually, lacking in her life.
  • Ransom focused on his studies, stresses 99% of the time and never played hockey, so he never met Holster.
  • Dex gets online classes because he needs to help with the fishing.
  • Nursey stays in NY and becomes such a pretentious hipster omg
  • Chowder is the only one who made it to the SMH but the other guys are not as friendly and patient as they could be. He doesn’t really make friends, there. 
  • Parse never managed to get over Jack’s death and is MESSED UP
  • Johnson wears a goatee because he’s genre savvy, but he’s sad and misses people he never met. 
  • Holster became a firefighter.

You walked into Moorland that day
So careful. So shy. Barely spoke

Now, look at you
A big girl
Out there. Confident. Always helping

You’ve changed. For the better.
And I’m so proud!

This is basically seen from Justin’s view, as it struck me the other day. He was the very first person we met. The first who saw and got a feel for us.
Then he disappeared for so long and now that he’s back, he can see our progress. What we’ve accomplished over time. And I find that very touching.

And I was so happy to see, I wasn’t the only one who got this thought.