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Drawing Hana is just so relaxing? I’m crumbling under several problems and stress lately and I just wanted to draw something that’d relax me. Her color palette is beautiful, she is beautiful I am crying… yeaah the flower on her dress were a little harder to paint over it all, I feel kinda rusty but I have several wips I’m dying to finish

Lady Hana Lee ❤️

Cadmus Pentaghast: companion
Speciality: Animal Husbandry and veterinary science. :D

Another special thank you to @crystalgraziano for working on one of my Inquisition companion characters, Cadmus. It’s everything I hoped it would be and more! He really does strike a resemblance to Cassandra!!! Crystal captured him perfectly, I fall in love a little bit more each time I look at it. Please go and check out their work, all of Crystal’s artwork is stunning!


pastel!dan and punk!phil

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Lutz loves you for you, everyone has there dark moments. You had a terrible childhood. Lutz, hug Luci please.

//R.I.P , here lies the cute moment that could have happened between the two.//

He had it coming.


New Hyrule Stable & Inn T-shirt with front and back design!

Beedle T-shirt!

Unisex/Men’s Prince Sidon Fan Club T-shirt!

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JESUS ALMIGHTY BARON. WHY IS IT EVERY TIME I SEE YOU MY ABIDING ENJOYMENT OF REINHART'S LOOKS AND LEADFOOT'S ATTITUDE GETS SHOVED RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW??? That's not fair! I haven't even caught up on Backlash and NOW I WANT TO COMB THIS BLOCK TO FIND OUT ALL ABOUT *YOU* GOSH DANGIT! (also he's gorgeous and I love all your art so this is a hard urge to resist anyway)



After loving every single horse in Breath of the Wild, I decided I needed to make all of them! They’re all transparent backgrounds, so you can put them all together to make the stable of your dreams~ Click the links at the bottom to find all of your favorite horsey friends.

Many thanks to acci-dream98, and their helpful guide of all the different horse patterns in BotW.

Black Horses | Blue Horses | Brown Horses | Chestnut Horses | Gray Horses | Pink Horses | Tan Horses | Special Horses


A made up world to live in.
🌳: draw a character napping under a tree

@anxiousgod​ here is the gross weirdo! Unluckily for him something like napping under a real tree wouldn’t be possible ;P