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someone (i think it was @fatlardo?) posted about the darkest Check Please timeline (Shitty playing Lacrosse, etc) and it was pretty funny, until i started thinking of the real darkest timeline… i’m so sorry.

  • Jack died during his overdose.
  • Bitty never got out of Georgia. He’s closeted and sad and only has friends over the internet. 
  • Shitty went to the College his father told him to go, he’s miserable, is slowly becoming a douche himself.
  • Lardo had to be realist and chose a career more stable than art. She goes into management, which feels right, but there’s something, a lot, actually, lacking in her life.
  • Ransom focused on his studies, stresses 99% of the time and never played hockey, so he never met Holster.
  • Dex gets online classes because he needs to help with the fishing.
  • Nursey stays in NY and becomes such a pretentious hipster omg
  • Chowder is the only one who made it to the SMH but the other guys are not as friendly and patient as they could be. He doesn’t really make friends, there. 
  • Parse never managed to get over Jack’s death and is MESSED UP
  • Johnson wears a goatee because he’s genre savvy, but he’s sad and misses people he never met. 
  • Holster became a firefighter.

how do you tell your best friend that you may have accidentally fallen in love with them

One thing I love about Nanami is that, despite being personally involved in roughly 50% of the Really Weird Shit that goes down at Ohtori, she’s also the one who’s most likely question other people’s weird behavior.

  • “Why does Himemiya keep snails in her pencil case??? Doesn’t anyone else think that’s weird?!?”
  • She’s the only one to ever ask Miki why he does the stopwatch thing
  • “So like… did getting a sword pulled out of your chest hurt or what?”
  • She points out that Utena and Anthy sleeping in separate beds facing each other while holding hands across the convenient built-in hand-holding connector is kind of a weird way to sleep
  • “Why the hell did you tell that story?!” to Juri during the Student Council Balcony BBQ in the last episode

Nanami is a really endearing (and relatable, honestly) combination of being hyper-concerned about how other people see her and her level of knowledge about the world (Nanami’s Egg), and being totally unwilling to accept the world around her at face value.  The other characters fit into the surreal world of Ohtori fairly smoothly and unquestioningly - Nanami runs around breaking everything and revealing just how bizarre it all is.


“Asahi, just jump!”
“No buts!” Noya then took his hand and jumped again. Then Asahi gave his own little jump. Then a bigger one. And then he and Noya were laughing and splashing each other with dirty street water, but it was the most fun either of them had in a long time. – Of Piercings and Sweaters

For the incredible kangarooblu and her amazing, AMAZING, Asanoya fic Of Piercings and Sweaters. This was my favorite scene in the story and I really hope I did it justice!!