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My SKIN: A REVIVAL tutorial is off the ground! Here is the new version for the “pale gold” skintone, #03 of 15 new natural skin tones.

On my Patreon I posted a comparison between the new version and the old one, breaking down why the old version was a poor example and what I did differently this time to fix it. I’ll be doing this for all the “repainted” skintones, because I think seeing what NOT to do is really helpful.

This massive, long-awaited tutorial is made possible by Patreon supporters. Join in to get first looks, in depth analysis/process, and see the accompanying swatches for each skin tone as they happen. :)

The finished Moira piece!

I feel like I could do some more stuff with the background. Like something REALLY complicated. But I have no idea for now so enjoy this Oasis Mora and much much purple. Btw I noticed yesterday while drawing her that she has heterochromia and that her right eye on the side where she deals damage is red (edgy af). Very nice detail.


Do I need another reason?


I saw @otherwindow ´s gorgeous Incubus McCree, so I decided to draw him, but I got a bit carried away. 

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