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Your finalists for Best of Show in the Photography Category, listed in alphabetical order, are:

Asparagus by pragmaculture

Exercise with calla lily and black background by bdesannorat

Red Gerbera by fictionalred

The Best of Show results will be posted on June 1, 2015 following selections by our Botanicality 2015 jury. Please continue to show all of the show artists your appreciation by likes and reblogs. These additional votes will have no effect on the Best of Show results, but it is good karma indeed.

Excellent article for art and craft shows, packed with pictures. While not specific to displays, the topic is a big focus of the article, which also includes some more unusual display ideas that you don’t often see for artist alley-type tip pieces! 

The following key tips/advice are covered:

  1. Give yourself plenty of time to prep
  2. Obtain a free credit card reader
  3. Utilize all the vertical space you can
  4. Don’t be afraid to go thrifty or get crafty
  5. Practice your set-up before the fair
  6. Bring an “emergency kit” of supplies
  7. Smile! Be friendly, be approachable
  8. Have enough inventory, but don’t go overboard
  9. Have a prominent sign, banner or poster that appropriately showcases your business name + conveys the style of your brand
  10. Sell your “oops!” creations at discounted prices
  11. Think beyond the table (if you can)
  12. Include something decorative to invite buyers into your space

So like, been debating for a time if I should color this :/ can’t bring myself to do so, sorry!! BUT HEYY MORE SPIDEYPOOL INKS!


I did this for Poor Lil’ Thomas that no one seems to aprecciate </3

So this is how I imagine him, on the run, got nowhere to go, just singing Russian songs…

Fly away, sweetie.

And here is the translated lyrics:

Let the pedestrians run clumsily
On the street by the puddles
And there is much water on the road.
They cannot understand, that this day is not simple
And the reason I’m so merry today…
And as I play my accordion
And people gaze at me
What a pity….
Birthdays only comes once a year… 

Lyrics from ‘Gena’s Birthday Song´ from the show ‘Cheburashka´.