art shows

Thumbnails for the new webseries I and a few friends of mine will be creating, Objective Inanimate! It’s about a group of misfit objects who were rejected by society and abandoned on a deserted shoreline. They discover a sinister secret, and then the real adventure begins!

Feel free to reblog! I would love my idea to receive some attention!

i dont understand why english ppl just cant dub or sub work in foreign languages….we translate your shit everywhere else why cant YOU dub work you enjoy instead of making your own version imagine how much cooler this world would be if foreign actors were known in english countries because their ORIGINAL work was shown

I KEEP FORGETTING TO MENTION my art teacher saw that drawing of walter in my sketchbook n was like “i want that in the art show” and i just instinctively was like “NO” 
and she was like “why not” and i was like “it’s,,,, religious,,,,” and she was like “how would THEY KNOW” and i was like “THERE’S A CROSS” “it’s up for interpretation that’s what art is about”

Robbie Rotten has never done anything wrong ever in his life.

Anyway my  friend who doesn’t even watch LazyTown made me watch episode 1 and now I’m watching it? It’s really fun and cute and it makes me happy. Robbie is relatable - I, too, enjoy eating cake, doing nothing, and desperately want to get invited to parties and be people’s friends but am too awkward to just ask.

If you’d like to please donate to the Stefan Karl (the actor for Robbie) GoFundMe ( to help in his recovery and fight with cancer!