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If your taking requests, will you draw your favorite regeneration of the Doctor and companion (regardless of whether that version of the Doctor traveled with the companion) because I love Doctor Who so much!

I am bad at picking favorites (and mismatching Doctors and companions is fun) soooOOOOOoOo…

here is Eight and Martha Jones

and also Ten and Romana I


Day 18 - In A Different Life –– HAS ANYBODY HEARD ME TALK ABOUT MY SCHOOLTEACHER AU, if not this is the perfect time to learn,,,,,

Yusei is that one nice ass math teacher who students think is lowkey metal bc he drives a motorcycle, Crow is a supervisor/hall monitor who watches kids at breaks and recess, Jack is the P.E. teacher who never has a lesson plan, Rua is an art teacher that only ever draws comic book characters, Aki is a kindergarten teacher who doubles as the school nurse, Ruka is the all-knowing/all-seeing librarian, Bruno is the whack chemistry teacher who always plays Bill Nye videos and makes stuff explode, and Carly is the recently-hired slightly ditzy Literature teacher who goes on rants about romance novels

(yes you’d better believe Rua drew Wonder Woman)


The other day hit me with an old realization (bc hey i have bad memory)…. none of my interpretations of the trc characters will be what i see on screen??? Which is both exciting and terrifying?? Like this might be the first book i’ve read without knowing it’d get a show/movie so i’ve enjoyed it fully as a book. Hopefully I’ll enjoy it as a show too! But best of all is that I get to share this with my friends too?? And!! With y'all :] So thats awesome!

7-23-17 || 3 doubles in, I almost put the year 11 instead of 17, I’m tired and UNinspired, feeling stagnant, hate having my computer in the bedroom, need a change v desperately I need something to happen. SO. Just. My view, if I look to the right. There is no space between this desk and my bed, my legs are crossed and one knee is touching the computer tower while the other is touching the bed. /vents on a fucking still life