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Flug- “You can’t be ugly if you don’t show your face”
BH is just regular “I H8 U ALL”

It was a pleasure painting them public and share with world.

(Also little Anxiety Person in bottom corner painted also by me lol)

Back to this fandom last year. Through out 1 year i had so many compliments from you guys, i’m really feel happy from the bottom of my heart. 

At first i’m kinda scared, not good at drawing no i’m serious, i have not any confident at that time don’t know people actually like my art or not. Beside i’m not good at english so you can see all my comics have so many grammar mistakes lol still cringe until now and more importantly i ship Levi bottom. You know i was in AOT fandom since early 2013, at that time people more in to Levi top than bottom. I ship both his role but more into Levi bot tho, but i had so many hateful comments because i ship ereri. That was a hard time and like they want i left. I know i know this post is kinda boring and idk why i said to much today, it’s just i can’t believe i have so much followers and they like my arts too. I have a strange and happy feeling at the same time lol

I just want to thank you, to all my followers that liked my art from the beginning until this day. Thank you!

What’s happening here? A wedding dress?! Flowers?!! And wedding rings? It smells like the others have been up to something… they have been preparing a prank for 2D
2D:“Oh my lawd, Murdoc!! Let me go”
Murdoc:“Hehe, mate. Today we are getting married ,you know? The best day in your life,right?”
2D:“…not funny…”

To be continued?

PS:Now you can ask me anything :3

singforalamhigo  asked:

Doodle. please, and only if it isn't much trouble? I am only a recent follower so it's okay if no. I have admired from afar via bard and lizard dads 😍

Send “Doodle” for my muse to draw yours.

“I still have a lot of ink remaining, so it shouldn’t be a problem! Please, sit down, you sure have interesting stories to tell me while I try to work.”