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pls consider: jefferson stammering through ben wyatt's weird, halting monologue from when he had to go on tv and kept bringing up the bird in the studio and how everyone has gay thoughts and burr shOWS THE TAPE TO EVERYONE AND HAM IS SO GLEEFUL

thank you for reminding me that scene exists

Hitmen - Rivamika

“The Ackerman Duo,” Pixis gestured with a jerk of his chin. “Despite what their shared surname could imply, there are few who are as perfectly matched as these two. Their streak in success is above the highest in our database, and their shared ruthlessness puts them as the most dangerous couple on the planet.” 

Moblit shuddered, swallowing thickly as he watched the duo charge in perfect synchronization toward their target. Had he blinked, he would’ve missed seeing them rip through the practice dummies, like lightning and thunder. 

“Don’t be so alarmed,” Pixis chuckled. “While they are the best we have to offer, they are not completely unapproachable. But if you must meet with either of them, be sure the other is in the same room.” 

“That level of co-dependency could be alarming,” Moblit replied, feeling uncertain as he watched the girl, Mikasa, approach her partner. The two shared a short conversation, hidden behind the thick glass that separated spectator from assassins. Levi rose a hand, gently brushing aside a stray lock of hair that fell over her face. Mikasa accepted the touch with an almost reverent bow of her head.

“Not at all,” Pixis’ amusement burst in a short laugh. Moblit tore his gaze from the couple within the practice ring to watch the Don saunter off. “It’s merely the easiest way to get a word out of both of them without losing an arm.” 

Done in Photoshop 

Some of you cool cats wanted more SeriRei so here you go :9

they are getting ready for a spirit exorcism that’s at a fancy restaurant so ofc they gotta play the part (reigen with his roundabout logic……………pls just ask him on a date like a normal person)