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Selfmade Nygmobblepot Neon Lights Are Finally Finished!!

God damn it, I always wanted that neon light Umbrella of Oswald’s in my flat, but fck it, those signs are really expensive! So me and my friend decided to build them by our own. Now, after nearly four days of work, I have not one, but two signs on my walls!

I love how great the results came out!

Secret places.


Rosario - Argentina.


I made some concept arts for a asexual nonbinary pal. Elliot is their name and I like them pretty well. I also tried drawing them in another art style, so it would be easier to draw actual comics about them.

I’m not completely sure yet what their story is supposed to look like, but I want it to go into some kind of fantasy or maybe science fiction.
Maybe some kind of supernatural story?