art self expression

After explaining that drawing Damien (a trans man) as a woman and calling him male-to-female is transphobic, making a fat character skinny is fatphobic, and implying that huge breasts make a woman a true woman is transmisogynisitic, this was @ohnips’ response. She is willingly profiting from her transphobia on her Patreon, despite saying she only draws for herself. She forgot to mention the part about $$$$.

Art is self expression? Then she is expressing that she’s transphobic, fatphobic, and transmisogynistic, and enjoys profiting off of bigotry. End of story.

Please reblog and let other people know to not commission this artist.

hey writers

friendly reminder that you are allowed to write selfishly. Your writing is allowed to be self-indulgent. You can have self-insert characters. Your stories can be pure wish-fulfillment.

Sometimes we get so caught up in wanting to please the theoretical reader that we forget our writing is first and foremost for us. It’s our art, our self-expression, and we do it for our passion and our joy.

Use other voices and perspectives to grow your own perspective and bring more to your writing. But you don’t owe it to anyone to create art for them, the way they want it.

Your writing can be a love letter to yourself.


darkside by Brooke Shaden
Via Flickr:
We are all made of beauty, pain, life, death and the magical in-between. We are all so human it hurts sometimes, and other times it feels like summer awakening.