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|| Portraits of Self ||

“To the lost ones speaking their own broken language,
Crushed with the impeding reality that their mothers tongue will never be their own.
You are indeed whole.
You were stitched together in the most imperfectly perfect way.
You carry two lands.
Be proud of that weight.
It suits you well.”
- @akilah_khadija , outsider


I can only be me.
I don’t do this for anyone else.
I express myself in ways that feel natural.
I’ve never really fit the mold and I couldn’t if I tried.. And I have tried and I almost died.
This is what gives me life.
This is what keeps me from becoming a memory of flesh.
This is what life gave me.
This is how I express the divine within me.
I give myself to the world.. Because I don’t belong as ones possession of affection.
I belong to the universe, to the soul of the divine.
And the divine radiates freely through me.
In this flesh, the divine shall always run free.
Photo Cred: @backnblacque (Scott Price)
( Note: My website will feature a section called “RAW Art” that will contain my uncensored fine art nudes. I’m still in the process of creating that section, but keep an eye out!)

I’m an old fuck, and as an old fuck I get to appreciate the younger generation for a few good things...

stuff like…

  1. Not buying gold and diamond jewellery as much but getting tattoos instead. There is children’s slave labour blood in gold and diamonds, there is only self expressive art in tattoos
  2. Not falling for their parents bullshit all the time , as I used to do
  3. Helping out their parents more with things like money and support, something I never did for my parents, it was always the other way round.
  4. Younger smart adults are younger and smarter than some of us old fuck adults, they understand stuff like tech and social media stuff a lot better
  5. Younger adults are more open and not afraid to piss us older fucks off with some home truths about our outdated lifestyles like drugs/booze and diet, and our out of touch opinions
  6. The old fuck in question is me, I don’t speak for any other old fuck
  7. Also younger adults are more talented and driven, I envy them for that, something that I once had, enjoy it kiddos, while it lasts.

so basically this is a shout out to all my younger followers and friends for that.

Bearded brutes

In lieu of some further studio work that I should hopefully do tomorrow in class and over the weekend, some fun, frivolity and loads of creativity. Mark Leeming has created a small portfolio of work that will hopefully be expanded into an exhibition. I really like the pop art colour that appears in all of this pictures…. to the extent that it hurts your eyes in a good way. This is not just restricted to the make up and clothing for the models, but even the backgrounds… only one white background in sight. 

You can see some shadow work in what some of the portraits which provides some additional depth as well has the intricate and colourful make up which in my view is lit in a way so as to make the pictures ‘pop’ even more. The shadow work in the picture of Sebastian is my favourite as it is is not just reflected on the background but also the face. It seems in class, that my tutor’s favourite was Anthony aka the Crankinator!!! I think it was the nickname more than the nails that did it for him :)

In his own words

“In November last year I started creating a small selection of glittered beard themed photographs.  Call it the festive spirit that was upon us but the popularity for this genre grew and grew and what was once a small series of images has turned into a much larger eclectic series named Bearded Brutes.  This capsule collection has lead onto a voyage of self expression and creativity for both myself & the models themselves.  I was able to dig deep into their influences and persona’s and create some truly visual surreal art.”

A few pictures below, more on the website…..

© Mark Leeming

© Mark Leeming

© Mark Leeming

© Mark Leeming

© Mark Leeming

© Mark Leeming 

This last picture is my personal favourite!!!!!!