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I want to be someone’s art work in my present body and future, I never see the black girls with no curves in our communities artwork and to say that all black women/girls are thick in the hips and ass are big untruths. So I want my present body to be someone’s artwork. I want to feel comfortable and beautiful in my skin now, and when I get down to my goal weight I’ll be someone’s artwork again because at either size I’m beautiful curves or no curves I’m still a whole person. Its to know that I am to be seen and loved and cherished because I am the bees motha fuckin knees not because of what my anatomy has or is missing.
Just boosting my own self confidence today because I should!

Photography Quote of the Day

Photography Quote of the Day

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Nature photograph with quote:

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
― Lao Tzu

Image Info:
Title: Droplets on Petals
Photographer: Melissa Fague
Genre: Nature Photography

This image can be purchased separately as a digital download for personal and commercial use, Traditional and Limited Edition Fine Art print as well as on Limited…

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Hello World!

I am an intersex transgender person. I identify as non-binary and work as a poet, photographer and visual artist. I decided to invest myself in producing something for the community in the form of a coloring book! I do not know what type of response will come from this project but we are in dire need of media that moves us away from the binary dominated spaces. Before I came into my identity, I wondered why I should make work since I believe we are at a place of constant regurgitation of past ideas, remakes and tropes that cater to a different population. There is plenty of media that excludes us so why not flip the table and start from zero.

The first installment of this coloring book features 20 images produced with ink on paper. I am in the first stages of taking orders and gathering interest for the project. Once digitized, the book will be in PDF format, available for purchase and immediate download. You may pay what you want and what you can if you can. Resources are slim; people in our community who disidentify from the gender binary often live on less than $10,000 per year and opportunities that come pre-packaged with the American Dream are opportunities not afforded to those of us who do not fit in these boxes. Part of the reason for creating this project is to hopefully generate some income for myself to work toward continuing my visual work as well as money for basic survival.

I am wondering who is interested in getting a copy of the coloring book? As the project becomes finalized I will make a Kickstarter to fund printing tangible books that can be shown, shared and distributed. Below are some of my favorite images from the project. If anyone is interested in buying a PDF version of the book they are welcome to submit a payment through PayPal at

Printed copies are yet to be determined but hopefully with enough interest the first installment will open many doors for me to continue to produce this work. Please help, please share, and please feel free to email at the address above if you would like to back the project to help get it printed.


Please boost, share and REBLOG. I’d love to network with anyone who may find the ability to help circulate and distribute the project.

Photography Quote of the Day

Photography Quote of the Day

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Nature photograph with quote:

“Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” – Franklin P. Jones

Image Info:
Title: Lone Mussel Seashell
Nature Photographer: Melissa Fague
Genre: Nature Photography

This image can be purchased separately as a digital download for personal and commercial use, Traditional and Limited Edition Fine Art print as well as on Limited…

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14/05/16: A reflection of the work by Francesca Woodman

Yesterday I read a short passage about Francesca Woodman…….Woodman is an incredibly influential artist and I find her work so powerful, emotive and moving. I loved reading from this amazing passage of text and what stood out to me in particular was the fascinating ways in which she explored and examined her own body and it’s representation. I also thought the way she used different materials within her work was amazing and in particular the ways she experimented with a mirror created a complex and compelling language……referencing her own self-reflection…the gaze of the viewer…but also going beyond this and suggesting the mirror faze in which we become aware of our own self-image whilst growing up…suggesting how before this occurrence we have no knowledge of our gender or sex.

An incredible and greatly inspirational read!

Book: Women artists at the millennium by Carol Armstrong and Catherine de Zegher

Key Notes:

  • Time, space, photography and suicide – all markings of her life
  • The past and present/ the young and old
  • The way she used and described her body through her photography – created an unclear boundary and self-expression
  • Woodman’s work represents femininity as an affliction, one of those dreams, fears and idols inflicted on the female sex
  • Addressing the nightmare of femininity
  • The body – once subjected and lost to the claustral confinement that was the feminine condition of our mothers and grandmothers, if it is no longer necessarily our own
  • Cellars and attics treated as allegories of the uncanny virgin bodyno longer entered, of no use, become full of unseemly mystery, phantoms will likely haunt them, abandoned by people……houses become the abode of spirits
  • A lucid space, playfully demonic in its addressing of old myths of femininity, minmonic in its addressing of old myths of femininity, mining a trove of images and ideas about women, not as inevitable victim, but as a figure of eruptive difference
  • Splitting her gaze and doubling her position
  • In a tendency that may be specific, though neither exclusive nor inevitable to her sex
  • This doubleness of perspective – Woodman’s other preoccupations were namely with the mirror
  • Featuring of the body and mirrorA woman/ a mirror/ a women is a mirror for a man
  • Her work includes images in which the mirror alternately figured, in the interior, against an abraded, markedly tactile interior surface – to which the glossy optical rectangle of the mirror is at once attached and opposed – as a double and a blank – as an image and an absence of image as a surface that mirrors the body makes it appear twice
  • Marking the body with disappearance
  • The body is a kind of hinge between mirror and interior surface…..or the mirror is a hinge between body and interior….and that interior is alternately presented as a surface and a cornered space – at once darkly empty and materially full
  • Woodman’s figuration of woman-plus-mirror recalls a long-standing thematic tradition associating women mirror in an iconographics of vanity, narcissism and voyeurism
  • The association of the female body with the mirror using herself and her body as photographic subject matter
  • Deconstructive trend in feminist thought, criticism and art
  • Reference to the image of women in film
  • Woodman strips herself to her naked body and her essential biological self
  • She shows herself as either a blank slate or in a regressive state, crawling on all fours like an infant or an animal – investigating her likeness to the mirror stage – the ground of identity and difference
  • This mirror stage – suggests a not yet gendered self/ a not yet gendered world/ a world prior to the gender divide
  • Mirror play and performancefeminist investigation as regression….not masquerade
  • Using her body indoors and out – associating it with the materiality of walls and rocks…with surface…matter, and ground…..walking the line between constructionist and essentialist thought about femininity and the female sex
  • Notions of women, of femaleness…..deconstructionist comfort/ discomfort
  • Inside and outside/ sharing space and time
  • Woodman collapses the difference between inside and outside/ floor and ground/ nature and culture/ presence and absence/ corporeal volume and cavity/ the concept of the ‘lack’ and that of the twofold or double form
  • Woodman’s photography – mobilizes a whole set of familiar metaphors and ideas about femininitywomen as house, house as female body, woman as reversible surface, woman as supplement and décor, the female sex as an opening or a tear, the shell – a creatural house that is also a biological extension of the body of the animal that it houses – the female body
  • Catalogue of metaphors
  • Flipping between essence and supplements/ nature and culture – enfolding from one metaphor to another
  • The phallic/ vulva within an interior space
  • The female body and its multiple metaphors inhabit the same physical space – thereby both physicalizing the metaphor and multiplying and destabilizing its metaphoricity
  • Combining seriousness with playfulness
  • A probing of the different stages of being a women
  • Surface, supplement and interior space
  • The house…the shell….the ornament – the body
  • The decaying flesh of her materials…..the imperfect fractured walls, her exploration of interior spaces similarly at heavily material and subject to the evanescence of time
  • Photographic space – inhabited by herself or other bodies… or not
  • Thinking about gender – by constituting herself within a series of fissured, enfolded spaces of fleeting appearance….and disappearance, in which she models a series of metaphors

Armstrong, C. M., & Zegher, M. C. (2006). Women artists at the millennium. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

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