art runs in the family


All this is @akeemi-life ’s fault ! 


“Also, I’m not eating dinner unless it’s artisan.”

“…He is our Yurio, right???”

“Maybe he’s going through a phase?”

this was funnier in my head


i couldn’t ignore @pixlokita‘s baby shinichi posts, i had to weigh in (so this follows from the end of that thread, once heiji is done laughing at kudo being extra extra tiny because haibara botched an antidote)

i like to think shinichi can’t talk (even though as per usual his mind is unaffected, he’s just got to grab hair and pull ears to direct people’s attention to crime scene clues now), and despite keeping up a scathing internal monologue he has to suffer with sherlock-holmes-ignorant heiji choosing him a new alias based on his favourite mystery writers instead

everyone say hi to shinichi and conan’s little cousin ellery


Dad Jokes - Sometimes they defuse the situation, most times they just delay the inevitable.

I’d say stop me but it’s almost 3AM and I’m kinda dead to the world lol.

Sene and Solas.

Rooftop. Wedding night. As they appear in The Dead Season. Commission from the lovely @hansaera <3 Thank you, love. It’s beautiful. (Click the image to view in its full glory.)


“Do you know what heterochromia iridium is, Atsushi-kun?”

Was inspired by @ariaille‘s fic Kaleidoscopic and decided to draw this scene from it. Hope y'all enjoy 💕


The Wizard Speedpaint - Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Fan Art~

Gale was just so cool. <3 It was always a tie between Wizard and Chase when it came to save files, and Wizard was worth waiting for. Image free for personal use, enjoy!

Have Me As You Will


By: thicctor-nikiforov (trashbambi)


You don’t really expect to meet the love of your life when you take your 5-year-old son for art lessons. You also don’t really expect him to already know who you are because he’s your fan.

Viktor Nikiforov is a well known model, his face and body plastered over numerous billboards and storefronts across the world.

Yuuri Katsuki is a Freelance Illustrator not long out of University. To make ends meet between illustration jobs, he runs children’s art sessions out of his friends family cafe.

Rating: Explicit

Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply

Categories: F/FF/MM/M

Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor NikiforovMila Babicheva/Sara CrispinoLeo de la Iglesia/Ji Guang-HongPhichit Chulanont/Christophe GiacomettiPast Phichit/Yuuri - RelationshipPast Yuuri/MinamiPast Viktor/Unknown Female Character

Characters: Katsuki YuuriVictor NikiforovPhichit ChulanontJi Guang-HongLeo de la IglesiaMila BabichevaSara CrispinoChristophe GiacomettiYuri PlisetskyMakkachin (Yuri!!! on Ice)

Additional Tags: Rated for future chaptersAUAlternate Universeartist!AUModel!AUParent!AUPiningartist!yuuriModel!Viktorparent!viktorAged Down Yuri PlisetskyYuri as Viktor’s Biological SonEventual SpiceSlow BurnSlow BuildSlow RomanceSet in LondonNot A Coffee Shop AU I swearThey only meet in a coffee shopand spend like… half their time there…ok maybe it’s a little bit of a coffee shop au

Language: English