art rofljay


Today I made glass dildos and ponies.

My teacher mentioned a common practice is making little ponies really quickly. My dream of selling little glass ponies may not be so far-fetched. Yes the thing on the right is the pony. It’s a pretty pony princess.


So my friend powerofsalad (John) decided to hold a contest for a random figurine he had (we didn’t know what it was at the time). Me, pokublazemanga (Jerry), and trianglebody (Tyler) had to semi speed draw our top 4 Smash Bros characters and the best one would get the figure. The top row is Jerry’s, the second row is Tyler’s, and the third is mine. It went down to a tie between my muscle Luigi and Tyler’s Samus Kirby. John held a tie breaker where we drew ourselves as our character. We both put out hearts and souls into our pictures but Tyler emerged the winner (I agree, his is somewhat better). And of course Tyler gets FReaking Rosalina one of my favorite characters. I threw my sketch book to the ground and walked away. Tyler out of the goodness of his heart gave me Rosalina anyway cuz he knows how important she is to me. One day I will get him a Samus.