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A big round of applause for @hlvnshk!

Well done, love! You are an absolutely fantastic (or phantastic?) artist and creator with a truly iconic and individual art style, which is something that all great artists share. You deserve every single follower you have and many more, keep up the great work!

Mo’s review:

Your blog is so cute and your art style is so amazing! I hope you keep making art forever! :)

Emily’s review:

I’m truly in love with your works and I hope that you continue to find inspiration here in the Phandom as it wouldn’t be the same without you!

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Remember: every blog has something different to offer, whether it be content or personality or anything really, and that is a wonderful thing that should not be ignored.


Believe the hype: ‘Hidden Figures’ is as great as it looks

The choice to give Hidden Figures an Oscar-qualifying run ahead of its wide release next year was a wise one: This movie is a home run, a veritable fist-pump of a film that celebrates the tremendous success of these women while never forgetting exactly how difficult their journey to the stars was.

Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monáe are all terrific — the latter coming off an incredible debut year as a film actress, having also co-starred in Moonlight — and the supporting ensemble is strong across the board. (Hidden Figures makes for a great best ensemble SAG nominee.) Their performances, with Schroeder and Melfi’s smart script in tow, keep these figures from becoming mere chess pieces in history. Their wants, their needs, their loves and their pains are rendered with specificity and sympathy.

In truth, Hidden Figures would have been required viewing no matter what because of its historical importance. But now, it’s a movie you’ll be anxious to see again minutes after walking out of the theater. Read our full review

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Atlanta is unlike anything else on TV. It exists in a surreal, alternate reality. In Atlanta, Justin Bieber is black (though still a privileged jerk), black kids show up to class in “whiteface” and when an NBA player claims to own an invisible car, he actually does. It shatters archetypes for its characters, and gives everyone time in the spotlight. And its season one arc wonderfully defies logic.

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kale’s another world art retrospective

so, everyone else is doing these art review things - but i decided to do something slightly different than just reviewing my art from 2016.

For anyone who doesnt follow me looking at this wondering “Who the heck are these two?”

These are characters from a 1991 cinematic platforming game called Another World/Out of this World. The redhead is Lester Chaykin, and the alien’s name is Buddy.

i decided to take a look at the progress i’ve made learning to draw these two characters in the past two years, and how drastically i changed gears in my style and improved overall in things i wasnt as experienced in drawing, in doing so.

i would so adore if you guys would take a chance to read what i’ve written under the cut - i’ve put it under a readmore just to keep things short and tidy on people’s dashboards.

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Viola Davis gives the single greatest performance of 2016 in ‘Fences’

There have been other great performances in film this year — Mahershala Ali in Moonlight, Molly Shannon in Other People , Annette Bening in 20th Century Women — but Davis’ is different. Watching Davis is watching a master craftsman build a cathedral without so much as breaking a sweat. She is unparalleled and reason enough to see Fences , no matter how uneven an adaptation it may be. 

Viola Davis will be remembered in history as a legend. We’re just fortunate enough to live to see her working at her peak. Read more

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emoji reviews: domestic cat

a classic. has nice posture, alert and happy, 4/5

an interesting new take. very small and cute, has a :3 face, 5/5

not a big fan of the usual thick bold lines, but otherwise a good cat, 3/5

don’t really like this one. odd shape, but points added for not being orange, 3/5

a breath of fresh air. nice coloring, seems excited, 4/5

interesting. minimalist, but a bit plain, 4/5

very small, not unlike google’s. a good cat, 5/5

black, good color choice. a bit pudgy, has a :| face, 5/5

looks more like a chihuahua than a cat. still good, 2/5

a sleek cat. it seems determined and strong, 4/5

shaking up the format, not facing sideways! nice paws, :3 face, 6/5 best cat

an enjoyable, neutral cat. decent anatomy, good shapes, 4/5


Amy Adams’ ‘Arrival’ is an overwhelming ode to language

What if the one thing that stood between the world and all-out warfare was our ability to communicate? It’s not that hard to imagine; misunderstandings and misconceptions have informed leaders’ decisions to declare war for centuries. Arrival takes that question literally — and forges an optimistic look for language lovers and humanity at large.


Destiny Through the Years!

my friend @tsyele did a wonderful version of one of these, and encouraged me to do one of my own. I found this very interesting to put together for a lot of reasons.

Between 2013-14 the amount of artwork I completed is pretty much what you see here; just a handful of pieces when I was playing dungeons and dragons regularly/started reading homestuck. But when I began picking my pieces for 2015-16, I had more art to choose from than I knew what to do with. Between these two years, I have finished over 1600 illustrations, doodles, and drawings. 

What started out as a place to just reblog Solas dragon age became a font of creativity that I didn’t realize I had in me. And I can only credit not only this amazing game that has meant so much to me, but each and every follower that has cheered me on along the way, the artists that inspire me to try new things, the fanfic writers that touch my emotions with their words, the people who make meta/headcanons/edits that fuel my creativity. 

You are all so amazing and I couldn’t be more happy to credit you all in helping me grow these last few years. The friends I have made here I will treasure as long as I live; Happy Holidays everyone and thank you <3