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The Arcane Arts, something deeply entwined with ARC and yet so different. There are many ways one can access this power, which one can use to rewrite the fundamental laws of reality. Every living being as a reserve of magicka in them, which serves as the spark and fuel for their spells. If that reserve depletes, then a spell will not even activate. There are several types of magic, and each type comes from a different source. This is like having different types of gunpowder in a gun. Then there are two factors on how effective a spell is. The caster’s connection the realm in which the magic is coming from. The caster’s attribute from which they use the spell. 

If an enlightened monk of Orion used his wisdom to create and control a small ball of light, that spell would be effective. If a Fayelin sorcerer is casting an illusion, using her willpower to bend the perceptions of her opponents, that spell would be effective. If they tried to do each other’s spells, they may not be effective.

As you continue to practice spellcraft, not only do your attributes improve, but your connection to the realm that you take magic from will strengthen.

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What does a “love letter” look like more than 2,000 years ago? 

Chinese experts have managed to restore its original appearance.

The Restorers at San Lorenzo Maggiore, Naples

Artist: Thomas Struth (German, born Geldern, 1954)

Date: 1988

Medium: Chromogenic print

Image: 119.1 x 159.7 cm (46 7/8 x 62 7/8 in.) Frame: 48 × 63 in. (121.9 × 160 cm)

Credit Line: Purchase, Vital Projects Fund Inc. Gift, through Joyce and Robert Menschel; Alfred Stieglitz Society Gifts; Jennifer Saul Gift; Gift of Dr. Mortimer D. Sackler, Theresa Sackler and Family; and Gary and Sarah Wolkowitz Gift, 2010 © Thomas Struth

Accession Number: 2010.121 - The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Description and image from The Metropolitan Museum of Art:  "The working method Struth devised for The Restorers, one of his first portraits, would become his standard procedure: photographing only subjects he could get to know over an extended period and collaborate with on how they wished to be seen. He also decided to focus on couples or groups defined by a shared history—often familial—or a communality of purpose, as with this portrait of four art restorers he befriended in Naples.

The setting they chose was the restorers’ current work place—the former refectory of a church then being used as a staging area for paintings from the surrounding area that had been damaged in a recent earthquake. The almost hypnotic effect achieved in this picture is due not only to the artist’s intimacy with his subjects and their own understanding of his aims but also to his technical choices. Struth uses a large-format view camera on a tripod, which, with its oversize negatives and slow exposure time allows for a tremendous amount of detail, and the shallow depth of field subtly pushes the four figures into the space of the viewer.”  (met)

Clexa Aesthetics - Statue AU

Clarke is working for an art restoration studio and was sent to repair an old, mysterious mansion. The reality is not as cool as it seems, full of dusted clothes and late hours, but one night she meets a woman there. She’s beautiful, she looks like a work of art, but she wasn’t supposed to be there. If Clarke wants to understand what is happening, she’ll have to uncover the story of a distant past, when a young Commander was cursed to become a statue, only allowed to be human again in the nights of full moon.

Based on this post    //   Statue Lexa by papurrcat



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King Charles X of France in Coronation Robes with his brilliant Coronation Crown and regalia. He followed his brothers Kings Louis XVI & Louis XVIII and was the last King of the direct House of Bourbon. He was succeeded by his Bourbon cousin Louis-Phillipe of the House of Orleans, a cadet branch of the Royal Family. The royal blue version of this painting was actually the copy, the ruby red toned or Burgundy colored coronation robes is the original.

Vive-la-france 🇫🇷


“Talon could restore you family’s empire.”

“But at what cost?”


@brandalars hates me because I brought up the idea that if Hanzo got recruited by Talon, they’d brainwash him and drain his emotions like they did with Amelie and he’d not only forget about McCree but also how to love him

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