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Hey roshheruu when blending what are some tips I can give me

sup, ya i can try, its going under a read more tho!

1. don’t over use the water colour tool / blur tool to blend things or try and not use it, at all? try and find other brushes, usually with low opacity and high blending and textures that you can use to blend your colours. I use my acrylic brush for this, as seen and better explained here. It gives the image texture.

You see here when I drew satya: 

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I got ambitious and made this insanely high res for some reason or another so that made it take thrice as long to get through.

But it was worth it because this is more fanart for @themarydragon, who I think I’ve previously mentioned is a writing wizard, but it’s worth saying again, especially in case I haven’t. This is from Chapter 8 of her fic Calm Waters Run Deep, at some interim point of the night. Good stuff.

Also, Mary, if you happen to want the 18x12 in, 300 dpi version to print, just message me. It’s the least I could do for ya!

Griz & Norm - Tuesday Tips // (WIP G&N Master Post)

Hey guys,

If you haven’t seen or heard about these guys and their blog yet you should totally fix that and head on over to The Art of Griz & Norm!

Not only is the art pretty ace they’re both professional working artists.  Griz, (short for Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay) is a visual development artist for Dream works Animation and Norm (Normand Lemay) does storyboarding for Disney Feature Animation

My favorite portion of what they put out - and the relevance of this post within art reference and development - is this weekly bit they do called: Griz & Norm Tuesday Tips - every Tuesday they dish out really nice little ‘how-tos’ and reference pieces that cover everything from anatomical reference to important 'need to knows’ straight from the industry, (i.e. how to create dynamic composition, shorthand character design, drawing scenes with a cinematic mindset, etc .. )


“Tuesday Tips - LINE OF ACTION

The line of action doesn’t necessarily need to be drawn in. As long as you think about it while drawing, your gesture or posing will be stronger. It gives a direction to the pose, a force that runs though, or simply a visual pathways to guide your audience. Use it always!

- Norm”

[All image(s) and related text property and © of Normand Lemay - 2014 // original source is Art of Griz & Norm @ Tumblr]

'Tuesday Tips’ Intro List  

This is just a quick start list - there’s about two or three times more already up on their blog than what i’ve listed and linked here so be sure to head on over there and enjoy the entirety of their collection, and always be sure to check back because like I said they update every week!

( *** - personal favorite(s) )

  • Tangents - (x)
  • Basic Head Construction - (x)
  • Asymmetry in Facial Expressions - (x)
  • Gesture Drawing (as a story artist) - (x) ***
  • Character Design - (x)
  • Basic Storyboarding Rules - (x)
  • Silhouette - (x)
  • More Acting, Less Anatomy - (x) *** 
  • Hands - (x)
  • Feet - (x)
  • No Straight Lines - (x)
  • Beat Boards/Storyboards (what’s the difference?) - (x) 
  • Push it! - (x) ***

Hope you guys enjoy these super folks and their work as much as I do - good luck and keep drawing!


[I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE ABOVE MEDIA OR LINKED MEDIA - All Image(s) and related text, linked images & pages, Tuesday Tips and GrizandNorm related articles property and © of Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay and Normand Lemay - questions relation to images and above property should be redirected to Griz&Norm original blog/Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay and Normand Lemay - suspicion of illicit reproduction or fraudulent claim of ownership other than that of the original source should be brought to attention of tumblr staff or related authorities.] 




I’m honestly so happy right now I LOVE YOU ALL *cries for the next 3 days*

I’ve like never done this before but I really felt like it was important to put my follow forevers bc there actually are a lot of people here who I would legit take a bullet for or have just known for so long or I just genuinely like seeing on my dash sooooooo hERE WE GO !!!


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some of these artists I’ve had the honor/pleasure of talking to and some I have not but if any blogs have blown me away and inspired me to continue in my art it’s these:


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