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Okay I had this sitting about since December. I should have shared it sooner but well. I love this movie so much it reminded me why I do what I do

That moment when Yurio was waiting for Otabek in the airport and Viktor somehow managed to steal a candid and send it to the incoming boyfriend. Yura was so pretty Beka had to post it online… LOL

I got the raw photos too. LOL

Someone please stop me from making these edits… 

Yuri’s hair btw is inspired by Nils Kiuper. 😍😍😍


Thank you, Joku and Dream! Even though Fatal is being fussy I’m sure he appreciates the well wishes XD

Here’s to hoping that everyone’s dreams come true this year! :’D

Dream belongs to the awesomesauce @jokublog, of course!

oh, cool news!!

as you guys may know, i’ll be participating in the @supernaturalartbook!

so excited to announce i’m placed in the chapter Angels and Heaven! for this, i’ll be providing a piece consisting of Chuck and The God Squad! MY CHILDREN

so excited!! if you haven’t read up on this book, it’s for a great cause, and it’s FILLED with tons and tons of incredible artists!!

Drew everyone’s favorite villain, Lucienosaurus from @drawfee.
Would send to drawfee but sending stuff overseas is hella expensive.

Gouache on paper, ~2 hours