art progression


it’s been a whole year since i’ve bought my huion gt185! i wanted do a little redraw of the first thing i’ve drawn with it, just to let you see how much my style has evolved since then and the progress i’ve made thanks to this tool! the difference between a regular tablet and a graphic monitor is simply huge - and if you can’t afford a cintiq, huions are an amazing alternative and they can really really help you grow, artistically speaking!




The other one. I really like how these are coming together #drawing #illustration #graphite #line #art #progressvideo #progress #artist #figuredrawing

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anyways this is an oc thing i drew like a month ago… this oc tends to be the one i use to mark progress cus he’s one of my older ones!

draw this again meme under the cut, but i must warn you my old art is not kinda old art, it’s really old art and it’s atrocious for the most part

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