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Preorders open at midnight for some new prints- including some limited edition hand embellished prints of The Lovers, from the tarot deck I’ve been working on (link in profile). #art #illustration #watercolor #watercolour #artist #gold #tarot #prints #tarotdeck #tarotcards #tarotart #magic #glitter #shimmer #moths #thelovers #love #beautiful #witchy #nature #druid #divination

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Could I possibly ask for an Arron burr lock screen?

I’m not that good at drawing Burr, but of course!

Here you go! Thanks for the request! Have a wonderful day! Love you!

Reminder that if you’re not the requester, please ask before using! Thanks! I think tomorrow is when I’ll have to close lock screen requests, so make sure to get them in while you can! Thanks for being patient with me!


Frills in the dark…
Sorry for the odd angle on this one. 😅
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Hello~ I’m back from the dead.

Here’s some fan art of Jacksepticeye and Trico.
I decided to swap it up (even though it isn’t accurate to the game) because I wanted to focus more on Jack’s expression and trico’s figure.

As of late I’ve been trying to get more into realism, to try and hone my understanding of figure and colour. And just art in general. Not entirely accurate, but I tried my best!

Art by me. KagedFreedom.
Trico is from The game ‘The last Guardian’ Designed by Fumito Ueda.

Obligatory Flower Crown Hanzo Prince

Inspired by many things, including debate on representational flowers on @mchanzo (calla lily and rhododendron btw, and a desert globemallow for Jesse 8D), beautiful friends telling me the hair I draw is nice(!!!) , and a lovely comic I saw about Hanzo being the subject of photos by a certain cowboy by @dilfosaur. His hair is too long because I have no self control.


🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹 ROSE GARDEN BABE 🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹🌳🌹


The Antonia Thomas Study from today’s weekly stream

Watch this whole painting stream on our youtube channel HERE:

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The whole process uses the idea of sketching a lineart first and then painting underneath until the values feel solid enough to hide the lineart. From there you refine and detail until finished!