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I really don’t understand why “Cringe” culture is so popular in the art community, because professional level art doesn’t happen over night, & every artist knows that. Beginners are going to have beginner level art. Amateurs are going to have amateur level art.  Putting someone’s art on a Cringe blog or in a Cringe compilation doesn’t do anything to help them improve.Yes, beginner & amateur art can be very bad sometimes. And you’re allowed to think it’s bad, but laughing at someone’s art & going on and on about how much it sucks on the internet, where everyone can see doesn’t help them improve. It’s just mean.  How would you feel if millions of people made fun of your art when you were just starting out? There are so many aspiring artists that quit , because they’re told that their art will never be good enough, & then they’re made into a laughing stock on the internet. An artist cannot improve without practice. But if they’re art is constantly made fun of every time they practice, eventually, they won’t be confident enough to practice anymore. If you want to help artists improve, offer them constructive criticism instead. 

My advice to anyone who has things like this happen to them is: Don’t listen to the people who make fun of your art, but do listen to the people who give you constructive criticism, & keep practicing. Don’t give up. Just because you may not be very good at art right now doesn’t mean that you’ll never be. 


My prediction for Lost Light #4 is that Rung becomes a horrible 80s action movie character and Rodimus fucking loves him

I contemplated drawing this for almost a week and was too tired tonight to resist, so fuck it, have a doodle



Brown girls do ballet


Selections from a 6-image series of illustrations done for Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo exhibit signage, showing a male village weaver (Ploceus cucullatus) building a nest, and ending with the female weaver and her clutch of eggs. Graphite and digital, 2017.