I’m excited to finally share what I did for the current Guzu Gallery show here in Austin! 

The show is all about cartoons and animation and I just HAD to do something from my favorite Disney song (any maybe favorite Disney movie), Hercules. Hercules is incredibly underrated as far as I’m concerned! 

Prints are available HERE.


Hey guys! I finally set up a print shop (actually, I set up two). The only prints available at the moment are these two, but I’ll be adding more as I make them. If you want any of my other paintings as prints, tell me and I’ll set them up. 

Redbubble: here

Society6: here

Art Prints PSA

This is a semi-rant/semi-PSA about prints. There’s a tl;dr at the end:

The other day, I bought a print from an amazing artist online. They’re a primarily grayscale artist and I love their style! It’s quite unique and I was so excited to hang this print up on the inspiration wall. When I opened the print, it was just a laser-copy on 24lb standard copy paper… It looks okay from a distance as it’s in black and white, but up close it’s disappointing. Another example: A year ago in an artist alley I was anxious to buy a print from another great artist. The print I wanted was on display at their booth and it looked really nice! But when I paid and received a copy it had some noticeable lines running through it, with very uneven borders…
I’m happy to support fellow artists, for sure! My office is covered head to toe with art bought straight from the artist online and at cons. But I just had a feeling of getting “ripped off” with the paper quality lately.

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I everyone, this week I wanted to do a fusion of pink and blue diamond, so purple diamond. I went with the spoiled princess like character for purple. Combining both pink diamonds naiveness young nature and blues authoritarian coldness. I went with a Victorian dress for purple diamond, because I think these are the most iconic spoiled princes outfits. I’m not sure I made her look spoiled enough though. I my do a redesign later to maker her more look more snotty(needs more sass )

As for the painting part. I thought puting her in an observation deck to observe Earth would be a good backdrop, but because both the background and character were dark I need to use a glow effect around purple diamond to maker her pop out. And yes that is holly blue agate.

Prints are available here

You can also watch me paint this here