If you haven’t snagged one of my Hip Hop Gundam art prints, here is some incentive to get one soon before I jump into the anime convention scene to sell them (ACEN, Anime Midwest, Youmacon)!

When 20 prints or more of my current prints have sold on my etsy, then the Black Tri Stars and Burning Finger Turntablist designs shall be available for purchase.

If 30 or more prints sell, then I will start making the Collegiate Gundam series available as prints and will be able to supply buyers of the Ball’n Beatz prints with a Ball’n Beatz sticker.

Though if all of the first 100 prints I have sell by by the end of April, I’ll make limited a edition Fly G, Principality of Style, and RC Flavor wall scrolls available for purchase. If this goal is reached by the end of March, I will make all of the Hip Hop Gundam family limited edition wall scrolls.

So please lend me your support, reblog this post, and buy a print or two so that these goals can be reached!  https://www.etsy.com/shop/EasterlyArt

A detailed shot of the Frida Kahlo print. No edits, but bad lighting though, the top left is texture on the paper not pixelation, they’re 6” x 6” [15.24 cm.]

I have 24 of my pictures at the printers right now and should have them all up on Etsy by Wednesday night. There’s a lot more waiting in the wings and I’m excited to share it with you. 

Thanks for the support, it means the world to me. For those that have asked I will be making a few more of the above print.