{} I was just playing around with effects and then this happened . jpg. 

Bill Cipher © Alex Hirsch (2012)
this print available for purchase as a sticker and print in my store!
* also available as phone/laptop cases and a hoodie. 
please do not use or redistribute this work. cheers.
commission slots are available, pricing guide is here.


Available original paintings ! For sale also as HQ print.
Purchase via rosiertherese@gmail.com

Bucky was made as tattoo design. If you are interested in your own commissioned original painting or tattoo design as well - feel free to contact me ;) 

New bookmarks are all done and listed on my Etsy! There’s a lot of Captain Swan and Killian, and also Outlaw Queen, Rumplestiltskin, and Maleficent. You can take a look at them all here. I also added a bundle option to get one half-price when you buy three, that’s here!