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Smile #053 Jacksepticeye ♥
“And any of you out there who are feeling very lonely, very depressed, very sad, anxious or you’re having panic attacks, anything like that: it’s not a bad thing and you’re not a bad person. You can get out of it and I believe in you. If nobody believes in you, just trust that I believe in you.”

I know, his smile looks crazy big but we all know that he has a BIG mouth xD 
It was pretty hard to choose only one of all the nice, uplifting things he said. You can easily make a whole blog about him (and there are lots of them, I know :D) 
To me there are only few Youtubers who are as encouraging and fun to watch as Sean. I really enjoy his content and I’m happy that he is out there helping people just by being himself :3 

Keep going, @therealjacksepticeye! \^o^//

To Censor or Not To Censor

Do you ever worry about being seen as a slut or something wrong and repulsive for the things you post online? I enjoy nudity quite a lot. Not because I’ll get off on it, I truly see something beautiful in it. In the US, nudity is equivalent to porn most of the time. What must I caption something with to qualify it as something other than porn? My body is not pornography because other people may get off on it. My body is whatever I want it to be. Have you noticed that change in culture over the years?

“My body is whatever I want it to be, not what society tells me it is.” There used to be a point in time where having a vagina meant you had to dress a certain way, act a certain way, and specifically it meant you had to identify as a woman and therefore marry a man. These days it’s becoming more acceptable to NOT have our bodies define us. How far will that really stretch?

Of course I love this change in culture. Nobody likes to be limited by the things they can’t change about themselves. Right now though, I still can’t entirely claim that my body is whatever I want it to be. Right now if I post even a photo of myself in my bra and underwear, depending on the lighting, and my surroundings in that photo, I’m very likely to get shocked reactions from those who know me. “Why would she post something like that?? That’s so intimate! What is she trying to do?! That’s the wrong kind of attention to provoke,” they’ll say. Strangers, especially in the Tumblr community, won’t care as much. Some might think a quick comment either positive or negative, but what I most have to worry about are the opinions of the people who know me. This is why I’m trying to keep this account anonymous. So that I’ll be free from the judgement and consequences of that judgment that my content may provoke. Should it have to be that way? Should I really have to hide something I don’t see as wrong, something that I love, something that I wish was more normalized? Should I really have to hide my body, myself, the vessel which carries my entire life and values? I wish we didn’t have to hide. There is nothing wrong with this or me and I am NOT porn.

Truth is, we all have problems. We all have insecurities, anxieties and trauma’s. We all have bursts in our heart that didn’t make it through the healing. We all have demons nobody knows of. Yet the process makes us differ from each other. It’s the way you deal with your pain that defines you. Some learn from it and some don’t. Some feed from it and others starve. Some gain from it and some change for the worse. Some lost something and others never had that ‘something’ to begin with. I believe we will forever mourn the absence of certain matters. In life we all lack of something. Do you see the 50% that is left? It is up to you to consider it a 100%. There are many keys to this lock we call life. To me, this is one of them.

shoutout to artists w/ cutesy n round styles

shoutout to artists w/ nitty gritty dark styles

shoutout to artists who draw abstract

shoutout to artists who draw art with a naturalism style!

shoutout to artists who don’t know their style yet and are trying to improve

shoutout to young artists 

shoutout to old artists

shoutout to animators of all skill levels

shoutout to artists who draw for fun

shoutout to artists who plan to get into the art business

shoutout to all artists: y’all are still artists no matter what

compliment people. not in the “fake” way, but in the sense that if you notice how great their hair looks, or how hard they have been working in the past few days, or how cute and inspiring their blog is, tell them. they’ll appreciate it, and maybe blush a little or smile, eyes lightening up, and maybe that little compliment or ask will make their day.