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Under Pressure?

My latest graphic design, “Squeeze” is here!

“Squeeze” is available custom printed on phone and electronics cases, bags, clothing, wall art, blankets, towels, comforters and more.  See the entire selection in my shops at MellowCat Society6 or MellowCat RedBubble.


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 5 | 8.12.16

black-and-white bedding designs by zanaproducts // hatch | midnight snack

your bedroom redesign can often center around a new favorite find … like one of zanaproducts’ cool minimalist illustrated duvet and pillow cover sets. choose from an array of patterns from minimalist hatch marks to fun snack designs.


Horned Forest Furwyrm Plush :: Chloë Ella Urbanczyk 

Here’s the finished product of my Horned Forest Furwyrm! So excited to see him finally brought into a three dimensional reality, beads and all. Instead of sticking to reality (imagined reality? … who knows), I decided to make him as colorful as his personality. Furwyrms love a bit of bling, anyway, those glamorous little weirdos <3. I’ll be making a few changes to sort out the wonky bits for future designs, but for the most part this is it! I’ll be posting the first of many Furwyrms to come in my online shop in the near future. Stay tuned!