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Tears captured in beautiful microscopic images reveals their unique nature

A Dutch artist created the amazing images in a bid to see if different triggers -such as eating a chilli or chopping onions- created different looking tears.
‘I decided to start an evening of experimenting with my close friends,’ wrote Maurice Mikkers, the photographer. 'I asked them to cut onions, eat hot peppers, look in to a fan or cry because of sadness or happiness. To see if there was a resemblance or difference in the structure of forming tears, I took images of every tear drop under the microscope.’
Scientifically tears are divided into three different types based on their origin. Tears contain oils, antibodies and enzymes and fall into three categories: basal, which are released continuously to keep the eyes lubricated ; reflex, which occur in response to irritants such as when chopping onions or when getting poked in the eye ; and psychic, triggered by emotions. Scientists have identified that different types of tears are made up of distinct molecules. For example those caused by emotions contain hormones which act as a painkiller and are released when we are stressed.
'We are all familiar with these ways of crying, but how do they look microscopically? Is there any difference? Science says that every tear has a different viscosity and composition,’ said Mikkers. 'Nevertheless they are beautiful to look at.’

Only Look At Me - GD

You slammed the door as soon as you got of the limo and you took big steps avoiding the fans and the paparazzi taking pictures of you, as soon as you got into the elevator you waited for the doors to close but before that happened Jiyong made his way in and stood in front of you, he looked mad really mad, but you didn’t care you were angrier, he looked at you waiting for you to talk, but you refused to meet his eyes so you kept your stare at the doors of the elevator.

Today was supposed to be a special night, it was the opening of your art and photography gallery, a lot of people went, including famous people, including the big bang members 2ne1 and a lot of YG artists, since you have been dating with jiyong for three years now you have become really popular and loved by the YG family especially with the members of IKON and Winner since you were friends with Bobby and Mino, but not only ji yong had arrived two hours late he also decided to make a scene in front of all your friends just because you were having a nice conversation with Mino who of course was left embarrassed and humiliated, his reason? He thought you were flirting with him.

“You’ll have to talk to me someday” he said with a still harsh tone, you rolled your eyes and walked past him when the elevator made a stop in your shared pent house, you ignored gaho and went straight for your room closing the door behind you, you were beyond mad, he couldn’t do this to you he didn’t have the right to, just last week you two had a strong argument because he went out with Kiko Mizuhara he claimed they were just friends but after looking at the pictures of them two dancing and one of her kissing his neck you begged to differ, he couldn’t become jealous when you have done nothing to make him feel that way, you were just talking with mino and he was at a reasonable distance, the worst thing of all is that he was drunk, not so drunk to pass out but drunk enough for you to smell the alcohol coming from his mouth.

After you took all your clothes and grabbed a loose shirt, you sat down in your bed and cried, tonight had been a disaster, you wanted to remember this night forever finally people would enjoy your art and your photography but now it was ruined by the person you thought would be the love of your life.

You were so lost in your thoughts and with your head buried in your hands you hadn’t notice that jiyong had entered the room, you looked up when gaho started to lick your hand, he looked horrible, he had his hair messed up he looked pale and his eyes wore under eye bags, you looked at him waiting for his apology.

“I’m sorry” and there it was “I am really sorry I was caught up in work and I haven’t noticed that it was getting late, but I made it didn’t i?” you looked at him shocked “you are such a fucking asshole” you said pausing and extending every word he looked at you confused “really jiyong? Is that the best you got? This was going to be the most important night of my life and not only you arrived late and drunk but you also had the nerve to make a scene in front of my family and my friends and you are saying sorry for arriving two hours late?” he narrowed his eyes “you shouldn’t have flirted with him” you scoffed and you got up, not wanting to keep arguing you picked up your bag and you started to throw in some of your clothes while jiyong stood there and watched.

“What are you doing?” “What do you think I’m doing? I’m leaving I don’t want to see your face anymore I’m done we are done” you said closing your bag, but before you could put it on the ground jiyong hugged you from behind trapping your arms “let me go” you screamed and you felt him shake his head “no, I’m not letting you go” “Jiyong stop it let me go” he let go of you for a moment but when you turned around he got to his knees and hugged you legs you were about to say something when he started to cry.

“I’m sorry jagi please forgive me, I love you and even if I don’t want to admit it I get scared some times, scared that I will lose you and that you will leave me for some other guy someone who is better than me, younger and more talented, I never got this jealous before and I know it’s not your fault but I am insecure and I need you, please you have to forgive me I don’t know what would I do without you, I need you” he cried with his face in your legs.

You couldn’t hold it any longer “it’s not fair JIyong I don’t do anything to hurt you, I never go near any boys you don’t know in fear that you might get jealous, I only speak with youngbae seungi daesung and seunghyun tonight mino was telling me about a project he had and he wanted my help with it, you know he has a girlfriend and you know that I would never cheat on you, but you go out with your friends and get drunk and meet other girls and I cannot tell you how much that hurts me in fear that you will get mad, it is not fair to me” he looked at you with sad eyes.

“I am not breaking up with you, I just need some time on my own to think about what I want” he stands up and nods “and you should think really hard, do you really love me or you just don’t want to be alone?” he stepped aside.

You grabbed your bags and before you left you kissed his cheek “I love you oppa” and with that you left the apartment leaving gaho and a crying jiyong.