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Pinch Hitter submission for Merthur Gift Exchange 2016
Fanfiction Prompt: When an evening in the local tavern is starting to get boring, you still can play truth or dare with your king. As long as he knows the rules. Or as long he does not use the game for other plans he has in mind.
I’m not a writer so I tried my best to put the prompt into art :D


I was fortunate enough to be asked to participate in this Merthur Art Calender project, organized by @tracionn to raise money for their very successful Merthur convention @coinelot.

For the wall calender piece, I wanted to show the love between them as Arthur finally returns thousands of years later. I imagine it would be in December, Arthurs birth month in a few texts.

It’s been 6+ years in this fandom and I love it as much as I miss it. I hope everyone who buys a calender enjoys it as much as I do! 


Since the convention was last week end, I can finally share the piece I did for the Merthur Art Calendars organized by @coinelot! I had february/march and I wanted to do something warm and cozy, to keep everyone company during the cold months. :) I’m so happy I could participate in this project and that it was so successful! From what I know, sales of the calendars are closed for the moment but they might open again in a few months so if you missed them, keep an eye out on Coilenot’s blog!