art paris 2014


Yohji Yamamoto Fall 2014 Ready to Wear - Illustrations by artist Yasuto Sasada (printed and hand-painted)

photo:daniele oberrauch/info@obyphoto

Day to Night, Eiffel Tower, Paris 2014

After many month of editing the latest Day to Night from Paris is finally complete! 

The Eiffel Tower and the Trocadéro offers a sense of wonder for its timeless quality. “I knew I wanted the tower itself at night because the lights are spectacular and give the classical structure such a modernist touch,” said Wilkes. Sitting 50 feet above the Trocadéro for 16 hours from sunrise to sunset he witnessed a constant flow of people from morning to night. "When I create a Day to Night I do my best to represent what and who came through my frame.” The Eiffel Tower is such a huge attraction in Paris that there was such a multitude of people and moments to choose from. You can see traces of everything that happened on that day like the two thunderstorms that gave way to a rainbow on the left side. 

Keeping in mind that the City of Lights is also the City of Love, there are many couples in this image embracing or kissing in this magical place. “From the couple on the left kissing in the fountain to the bride and groom on the right there are many romantic moments in this photo, and that’s what Paris is about to me.”