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You know it occurred to me that i never showed off the awesometastic belated Xmas package i received from @enbae and @justonepurpose :U (which i got like 2 months ago. maybe because i already sent them a video of myself yelling lol) SACRILEGE ON MY BEHALF

They sent me a candy shop (of which i have already eaten most of XD) and also the piece de resistance…a 300 page sketchbook FILLED WITH 3 YEARS WORTH OF SKETCHES BY THE TWO OF THEM AAAAAAAAAAA IT IS SO FUCKING AMAZING MY EYES CRIED WITH AMAZINGNESS I DIE EVERY TIME I LOOK AT IT TTuTT

Also here is my reaction to receiving weirdo American circus peanuts gummy candy

Le Classique:  of letters and mails

I’ve always loved the idea of receiving handwritten letters. And I still love the classic way of how it can connect people. It just gives me a different feel, something text messages cannot do.

I remember when I was a kid, I used to get greeting cards and letters from my dad when he was in the US. It feels so amazing whenever the mailman rings the doorbell and hands our parcel. Those were the times where mails used to be so exciting. There was an endless possibilities of happiness.

In today’s digital age, people have stopped sending mails as they used to because emails tend to work faster and consume less time. Snail mailing’s existence has been effaced from most people’s memory and that made me sad.

Despite of how much it got unnoticed, it made me came up with a personal project I want to share with everyone soon. I’ve just started getting pen pals from different countries. This is personally one of the bullets in my buckets list and this is probably a long term thing. Also, shoutout to my friend who have pushed me to start sending mails.

Here are the stuff I got this month:

The total postcards I got this month. Most of them came in a parcel. Got a few stamps, vintage papers, stickers, washi samples, coins from their country, pressed leaves and some other stuff.

The very first postcard that came. From Manila, Philippines. And yep this postcard still traveled even though Nina can personally hand this to me lol.

I just love it when someone describes to me something about a particular place. It just makes me curious and gives me an urge to explore.

Blank postcards from Nebraska. Thank you for this!

Those are just a few of the stuff I got. And it feels really nice to get these after a very long time. Long enough for most people to forget how meaningful and exciting it is to wait for mails to get to you. But it still feels good to know that there are still people who never stopped sending mails, and that’s nice to know.

I will always admire the effort of sharing your thoughts and connecting with people through letters. This idea will forever give me the sparkles and I’ll always prefer this kind of distant interaction.

It’s always better than emails, just imagine how nostalgic it can get to read old mails. For me, I’d always prefer physical copies for safekeeping. Also it’s amazing to think what your mail went through on its journey on the way just to be get to you, and for me that’s enough reason to prove that they’re better than emails that can only be typed and sent in a blink (btw, thank you for the constant innovation of technology). But they’re two different things, but let’s not forget about how wonderful mails are.

Let’s start by sending simple letters or postcards to our friends, give greeting cards a rebirth or to just even write a note to someone and see how handwritten letters can make someone feel. Try to live the classic way, they’re still the best *puts the thumbs up emoji here and winks*

Your ever wandrous soul,




Which is a place it technically never should have been in, considering that @cold-creature lives in the eastern states of mY OWN COUNTRY :V IT TOOK OVER SEVERAL MONTHS FOR A PARCEL SENT FROM AUSTRALIA TO ESSENTIALLY GET TO AUSTRALIA ISNT THAT AMAZING LMAO.


(I was a bit worried Veron had sent me perishable food or something because she said and i quote “i dont know if it will last such a long trip” and i was like 😱 and was almost scared to open the box XD)

Have a bunch of space cowboy doodles. I apologize beforehand for icky colors.

My Human Wander is basically what you get when you put Jack McBrayer in all his chinless glory, Wander’s hairy spoon design, a dash of The Two Man Gentleman Band’s pre war inspired fashion, and The Man with No Name’s poncho into a blender and vomited onto a canvas. 

And the reason why middle Wander is suddenly left handed is because I’m so used to drawing Muppets playing instruments left handed and now I’m stuck with drawing left handed instruments on default. Feel free to laugh at me.

Day 13: What’s one thing in the intermission you would change?

I’m not sure if it counts as one thing or even change, but I would definitely prefer intermission having more female characters. Also I think I fucked up the coloring here past the point of no return :\


INTRODUCING! in the postal uniform!…Patricia Parcel!!! 

My champion for “Fight! Round 2″.

“FIGHT! is a zine which invites artists to create their own original female fighting character. These characters will square off in the pages of this book. It will be totally fucking awesome.”

The zine is still in process! For news check out their website: