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I made this tangled AU where Pidge is rapunzel and Lance is Flynn 

But like they both have a platonic relationship. 

Keith is a human version of Maximus (He is under Shiro’s army or something) , who really wants to arrest Lance himself. (In the end, Lance and Keith ended up together because I love KLANCE) 

I actually have the storyline in my head or who’s who. 

Boyf? What does that even mean?

I spent like 3 hours doing this whoops


I first read This Earth of Mankind by the Indonesian author Pramoedya Ananta Toer as a sophomore in college. Prior to that I had only read his political tract The Chinese in Indonesia when I was in high school after my father had pressed the book into my hands, so I did not know he had also written fiction.

This remains one of my favorite works of fiction and was instrumental in gaining a better understanding of my own family’s colonial heritage, the trappings of the colonial system, and how these systems of oppression found their expression in the toxic race relations of that particular period in history but that also play an important part in defining race relations in the modern era.

The inheritance of the colonial period reverberates in our time still, and so the book remains as important as ever.