art over 9000!

Jesse would win the world for Gabe if he could.

(The thing that really pissed Gabe off during the Swiss HQ explosion was most of his soft toys were in that base when it exploded (it pissed him OFF to no end that bandit the dog was burning in his room somewhere). When Jesse and Gabe finally reunited, Jesse assures Gabe that he is gonna win all the toys for him, ALL of them. They grow old together surrounded by 1000 plush toys)

This is for Week 1: Festivals/Holidays for Lovewatch POTW! (Please go check them out! They are a group of amazing and caring people <3)

I got the inspiration from @wictorwictor​s’s tweets here.  

~ Attack On Titan ~
How cute Annie could be?
Her cuteness in this fan art is OVER 9000, lol
I loved Annie, she’s such a badass with a sad past, that I hope we’ll find out in season 3. When I saw that she was a “bad” titan I was sooo disappointed!
Anyway, I love this fan art!
I don’t own none of this fan art or gifs, because I find them on Instagram, Pinterest or here on Tumblr. I just post whatever I like.
Peace ✌💜


“There’s one thing a Saiyan always keeps…”

Debuting Vegeta, Purr'ince of the Saiyans!

In true “It’s Over 9000” fashion!