art ou something


Upon realizing that he had bitten his co-worker, Matthias quickly pulled away (careful not to harm the other even more) and backed until his shoulders hit the wall. 

Lukas, though extremely confused, and hardly lost of any blood, looked around for a moment before grabbing the other’s arm and dragging him into the nearest supply closet, where he clicked the door locked before and then turned to the Vampire. “What was that?” 

“I… uh-” Oh Matthias was panicking. 

“You’re a vampire? They’re real? Well of course they are we’ve had too many cases of weird bites– wait wait that’s not the point!” Lukas strode to him in two steps and instantly without any hesitation- stuck his fingers into the taller man’s mouth. He examined the sharp teeth carefully for a moment.

“Well that explains a few things.” Like where blood bags were going, and why Matthias had suddenly lost his tan… and a lot of weight and switched hours.
“Why did you bite me? Are you hungry? Did you starve yourself? You had better have a good answer.”

How was Matthias supposed to explain that it was because Lukas smelled really good????