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Some early sketches done for a prop design I have to do as an assignment. Working on my story “Under” and so I needed to create a prop that was either a vehicle or architecture. Came up with this crazy trolley/train that is actually fused with an Angler Fish. Think of it kind of like the cat bus from Totoro.

aliencadaver  asked:

r we doing art positivity in ur inbox rn bc GUESS WHAT i fucking adore ur art it's so organic and expressive like ur SO GOOD at faces and intense expressions and ur character designs r all so cute and/or rad and also im aggressively seconding everything everyone else has said abt how u draw eyes and teeth 👀👀

im losing my damn mind??? this all started because one sweet anon said they liked how i draw the son im floored at how sweet you’re all being to me gwefg

but while we’re at it i’ll have you know your coloring style is one of my absolute favorites, it’s so CLEAN AND CRISP AND !!!!!!!!!!!! and your dedication is outstanding like when you draw pieces with backgrounds and stuff im always like “goddamn…” because they look so good and magical and fgf

and i also need you 2  know youre like my idol when it comes to worldbuilding and character design and development just. yep holy fuck


Sooooo I got asked to do an affiliate type thing with this clothing website again. I’ve done stiff with em before on an old Adventure time fancomic blog several years ago and it was fun. They allowed me to draw the characters in the clothes and link the pic to their site where the item is located!

It’s pretty fun to draw actual outfits and stuff on the characters…lol and its just a small way I can get funds to help offset the “Adult Life of Bills and Agony” XD

That being said I just made a separate page so I can draw em in the clothes and my blog still stays organized and Art oriented!

Love birds

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….I went a little overboard with the decorating of the new bullet journal 😅 but i mean, wouldn’t you with this washi tapes???? I’m v busy setting up for next year and I just wanna go back to Pittsburgh tbh but I have to wait til after New Years cuz I’m driving friendos back. Which is totally fine! I’m just a little stir crazy at home 😬 stay safe and beautiful everyone! And Merry christmas and Happy Chanukah and Happy Holidays! 🌸🌺🌼