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DapperDoodles is opening up commissions for the summer season! 

Lineart: $15
Flat Color: $25
Cell Shaded with Color: $30
Painted Color: $35

Each additional character +$5
Abstract Painted/Designed Background +$5

All payments done online via PayPal.

PM me if you’d like to commission me!


Woah cool commissions? But whats this? For a reason?

I’ve been wanting to open commissions for a long time, but now I’m doing it because I absolutely need to. My mom and I are both disabled in our own ways and we can’t work. We can’t pay for our little trailer and it’s the only home I’ve ever known and I’m not ready to move out yet. So I’m here to try and save my house! So art commissions are OPEN!

You can request a commission through tumblr messaging or ask box. Or, how I’d prefer, you can contact me through my email ( or through my discord (Corvus#9451).

Everything shown is in USD since I’m from Wisconsin, USA. How you figure out your price is by adding things together. You figure out how much of a person you want shown, what you want from a sketch to a digital painting, figure out a background, and figure out extra things. After you’re done, add that all together and there’s your price! For anyone who can’t read my handwriting…

BODY SHOWN (This is voided if you’re not requesting a character)

Bust: $10

Waist-Up: $15

‘Extra’: $20

Full Body: $25


Sketch: $5

Line Art: $10

Flat Color: $15

Shading: $20

Painting: $30

BACKGROUND (Base background is white, voided if not requesting a character)

Simple: $1

Fancy: $5


Transparent Image: $1

Extra Characters: $5 each

And then what I will and won’t do, if you can’t read that.


Original Characters - Provide a reference!



Angst - To a point to protect my mental health

Alternate Universes

Gore - To a point to protect my mental health




NSFW - Suggestive is fine but not full on.


Furries - I have nothing against them, just can’t draw them! Characters with animal body parts on them don’t count with this.

Full Mechanics - Robots, cars, ect. Cyborgs, androids, things like that are okay.

Anything I haven’t mentioned that I’m uncomfortable doing. I have the right to say no to your request.

My Norway Open 2017

Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words :/

Eva Wei among the fencers who took a moment from their tournament to come and see how I was doing after injury happened. Much appreciated

Looks like end of the line for my Nordic Historical Fencing League adventure for this year. What a shame! I know injury’s always a risk, part of what we do and of any physical activity, especially at a competitive level, but after having started out so well and going to Oslo still ranking first in the women’s longsword division, being out like this is really tough to take.

I was feeling really good and determined going into the competition, I knew I had trained hard, aiming at making the final, to keep my top position in the league. But, alas! The tragedy!  After two clear wins, two exchanges in the third pool bout, my knee simply went, just like that, without warning and I was unable to continue. I was not expecting anything like it because even if I had twisted that knee a few weeks back in a jujitsu session and it still wasn’t 100%, it felt good. In the weeks before the tournament it had gone increasingly better, I was able to train, spar and even run on it and I was feeling no pain or weakness during the competition. What a bad surprise. When I felt the pain and I fell on the mat, I knew it was bad. I didn’t want to believe I was done so after taking my three minutes to recover and after having the knee all wrapped up by the medics, I tried to continue but it was really impossible as I couldn’t put any weight on it. I have video of this and it’s pathetic.

Sasha was filming so here’s a pathetic still from his video.

I watched the rest of the women’s longsword tournament up to the semis from the sidelines and later coached my team mates in the men’s longsword pool leaning on my feder (Didn’t have crutches!) but by then the pain was too much so I was taken to emergency in Oslo where I stayed for the rest of the day, missing all the action. By the time I got back to the venue in crutches, both men and women’s longsword tournaments were already over.

Nothing like a torn meniscus to make you feel like a proper athlete, aye? I still don’t know how bad it is and fingers crossed it isn’t the worst case scenario but for the moment, I’m out of action with one of the most common sports injuries. I feel so average. ;)

While I was at the hospital, my team mates James and Sasha really made WSG proud by both reaching quarter finals in the men’s longsword and lose only to the two eventual finalists. I hope to see videos of their deed because I had to miss it all.

Later I skipped the social dinner in favour of an early bedtime but I didn’t sleep much at all in the end cause every time the painkillers would wear off, pain would wake me up, the sucker.

Watching the rapier and dagger competition on Sunday morning was an excellent distraction and my friends from Waterloo Sparring and School Of The Sword (the two UK clubs ”More inbred than Joffrey Baratheon”, as it’s been pointed out before) reaching finals, really cheered me up, what a show they put up! Piermarco Terminiello won gold at sudden death after another breathtaking final against Alexander “Sasha” Makarov, while Matt Crane came fourth, ending his first NHFL stint reaching the bronze final against Kristofer Stanson.

Team WSG Viking loot from Oslo: gold and silver in rapier & dagger and crutches in women’s longsword!

So no glory and no medals for me this time around, but the team was super again. Such a shame that, as the person who’s been bringing in the most points so far, my contribution was minimal cause I couldn’t finish my pool fights. What a bummer, but extra proud of my team of course.

On the personal side, one thing I’m happy with is how I coped with the accident at the tournament. All considered, the potential for a melt down there and then was significant, but as part of my mental preparation for tournaments, I think about the possible scenarios prior to the competition. What if I have bad matches in the pools? What if I have a gear failure? What if I don’t make finals? Having a plan to follow helps me a lot because it’s easier than making one up on the spot while under stress. This is the first time I had to use my, “What if I get injured and can’t keep going,” scenario and, through the inevitable disappointment, I think I coped well.

One more pathetic still.

Without having what to tell myself at the ready, I knew it would have been much worse for me, so I’m sharing this little tip of mental preparation in case others might find it useful. I picked it up from the lovely and fierce Margit Reiersen at Swordfish two years ago, where she herself had to drop out of the tournament in the pool stage with a knee injury much like mine.

As for what to tell myself when I’ll see the new league standings, working on it, but I figure I better have ice cream in the house for that moment.

Not much else to add about Oslo really, if not that I’m grateful to all the people offering their help during the week-end, it’s been much appreciated and it made a difference. 

Now I just hope my knee can be sorted in reasonable times and I don’t have to stay out of action for too long. I worry mostly about honouring my HEMA commitments for next month and it’s still early to say what I’ll be able to do, if anything. And there’s this getting married thing happening next week that I really wished not to have to do in crutches, ya know?

But worry not, I’ll be back on my feet as soon as possible. Literally, cause in spirit, I never went down!

Carried through the airport like a VIP!


Commissions are open! (5 slots available)

I just recently started an internship and need some help with transportation costs (and I wouldn’t mind the extra practice!). 


I’m currently accepting PayPal as payment and will make a more detailed post later. Shoot me an email at if interested!

If you are unsure of anything, feel free to send me a message via tumblr!

ID #60724

Name: Ziv Bodhi
Age: 16
Country: United States

I am trans and pan (I like all the genders) and I guess I’m just looking for a buddy. I listen to all genres other than country (I like folk though) and I have a drive to travel, despite the fact that I haven’t really been anywhere exciting. I am kind of looking for a getaway. To be able to talk to someone who doesn’t know my story or my face from somewhere other than my small town. I like intelligent conversations and animals. I am passionate about the environment and preserving it as well as we can.
I go to a local art school and though I take photography there, I think my main passion is watercolour (frankly, im not very good at it). I have two years left of secondary school and I’m not quite sure what I want to do after that. I’m not fond of schooling only because I feel that my teachers tend to waste my time and effort and there could be so much more I could be doing, but that’s just me. I’m known for being reasonably down-to-earth and chill but there are a few things that I am very passionate about. I’m not really sure what else to say about myself other than that I am a very open person (I’m sorry, I’m kind of bad at these kinds of things).

Preferences: Maybe, 14+??? I’m not very picky as long as you have an open mind and like thoughtful conversations about life, religion, and the universe (I’m not kidding, sometimes my girlfriend tells me to just stop talking about all this for just one second lol). I like writing actual letters but I know international postage can be expensive so we can be online friends if you live in a different country.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I hope this isn't rude and if it is I apologize and please ignore it. First I really love your art. In particular lexa reshop. I had a couple of questions about redbubble. do you think reshop looks better in Luster or metallic for the photograph option? I just don't get how it would effect the drawing differently. (The possible rude part) Do you get most of that money or does redbubble take a big precentage? Does redbubble set fixed prices? Thank you for all the amazing art!

Hi there!

It’s a little difficult to say which of the two options would be better. Metallic is usually best for prints that either have a lot of bright colours or a black and white with high contrast. Basically if the image has elements that can “pop”, the metallic aspect will help bring that out. 

I assume this is the drawing you’re thinking about:

So in this case, I think the metallic might come out pretty nice! But I haven’t personally ordered prints using that option before so you should definitely take my opinion with a grain of salt. 

And don’t worry, I don’t see that as a rude question :) Redbubble takes a large percentage of the sale price in exchange for handling all production, shipping, and other product matters. They set a fixed price and then let the artist set the percentage they receive per sale and the total price changes as that percent changes.


ok y’all sorry to shitpost but um can we just appreciate that every white mccree is Officially Banned Forever (Always Been but ya know)

“I never want to be the person who brings harm to you, I didn’t want to be another Rika in your life. I never want you to be that man she made you into- I didn’t want you to make the same bad choices that led you down that path. Not because of me, not if I could help it.”

From To Misunderstand #7 by @serensama (thank you for letting me do this ^^)