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can you draw taeil secretly judging doyoung for trying to act cute?????

how to see less upsetting photos on the internet? google search

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Do you still take art requests? I'd love to see Usagi with Rei and Jadeite! Usagi and Rei because I love their friendshpi, and Usagi and Jadeite because they resemble each other SO MUCH in the manga! I wonder if they will resemble each other in your art style too.

Thanks for you request. After spending time in order to analyze Usagi in the new commercial, I felt the need to try drawing her (I have never drawn her!!!)

So, here my take of a little moment between Usagi, Rei and Jadeite.

Just some words about Usagi and Jadeite (I usually talk about my headcanon Rei-Jadeite, Senshi-Jadeite but never Usagi-Jadeite).

Jadeite is kind and easy-going, but he becomes really formal when it comes to Usagi, the way he refers to Mamoru with the honorific -sama (Mamoru-sama). Mamoru is his Prince and Usagi is the Princess, so he is usually pretty serious with her and a bit formal, more than with everybody else. BUT he definitively loves Usagi’s sweet and funny personality.