art of war rp

“And then he called me a stupid cactus! Would you believe that?”
“I know right?! Just because I’m a succulent doesn’t mean I’m some stupid cactus!”

Ochara likes to associate himself with roses because of having thorns and feeling important and gets angry really fast when someone points out the truth. Then again pretty much everything makes him angry, he’s worse than an angsty teenager and just complains about everything ever. Others like to make fun of him because of how easy is to make him angry :>

Ewoqi is mute, so he can’t exactly talk back, but for some reason still tolerates Ochara and enjoys his very undemanding company.


Sad baby Shatti ; ;

Shatti returned to the Jedi temple to start a slow recovery. However the thought of her Master who stayed behind to save her haunted her, and she tried everything she could to find him, with no sucess.

OH YES !!! After i see the recent interview of JJ abrams , i cry , where im so happy .

Rey is not a skywalker or not Solo !!  She’s a KENOBI !!!!

Only Kylo is Skywalker’s legacy mouahhahaha

THK YOU JJ Abrams !!!

@cecile-oli  *love * pour toi mon poussin pas jaune! un petit fanart Reylo  !!! prions ensemble pour le culte “Rey kenobi” <3<3<3

Rey est la petite-fille d’obiwan <3