art of videogames

Vivid, the former shaman before Viss took her place. She was also Viss’ teacher.
The black markings on her body are actually tattoos.
In her little bag she carries around small healing plants and gemstones.

As a demigodess she is immortal.

As promised, here is the Night in the Woods fan art! I”m so proud of it, since I’ve been working on it all day. All day’s work require some much needed sleep. Please, don’t steal my art. I work hard on it, guys.



Como prometido, un arte de El Noche en El Busque. Estoy feliz ya que he trabajado todo la día Ahora, necesito dormer. Por favor, no robó mi arte, he trabajado mucho tiempo en lo. (Disculpe por mi Español, estoy aprendiendo C’:)