art of the planted aquarium


Some random fish drawing / painting!

left to right: Blue betta; Red betta; Neon tetra; Copperband butterflyfish; Swordtail; and Sergeant major damselfish


International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (IAPLC), Aquarium Design 2015.

1. Longing by Takayuki Fukada, Japan.  Grand Prize !

2. Hidden Land by Bowen Fan, China.

3. Follow In by Yufan Yang, China.

4. Deep Nature by Paulo Pacheco, Brazil.

5. Metempsychosis by Yi Ye, China.

6. A Hunting Ground by Josh Sim, Malaysia.

7. Mysterious World by Yong Liu, China.

All photography courtesy of Aqua Design Amano and the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest.


I couldn’t properly photograph this tank if my life depended on it. Which is sad, because it looks decent in person. That’s life!

The rummy nose tetras are growing! Well, they all are, but I am just now really noticing.

I feel a need to try out a new scape sometime this summer/fall, that sword needs to be divided and that massive cryptocoryne needs to stretch without strangling my ludwigia glandulosa. (Kind of want a new tank for the crypt but that is really out of the question.)