art of the melvins art show

Here’s a completed version of the Freshlicious Bros AU comic seen in this post. In this comic, which takes place after the Freshlicious Bros have lost an idol competition, Douche is angry at Professor Poopypants’ idea of leading the group during the competition, which Douche thinks made them loose. This argument makes Professor Poopypants reveal something: he has had sex with Gunter’s dance partner (and Douche’s crush), Rosita!

As I mentioned before, this comic is based on a scene from a Gigolo House segment from the Kroll Show. Here’s the clip with the scene in question in case you want to compare this comic to it (the part this comic is based on starts at 2:49):…

Rough art for an upcoming release! You can see this and a bunch of other Melvins related linocuts at HAZE XXL’s art show at Third Man Records May 30. 

More dope on the NIGHT GOAT re-issue project soon!

For anyone who didn’t know, the Night Goat single released on AmRep was a different recording than the one on Houdini.