art of the dot

Terror of the groves, the infamous and widely feared crimelord “Big Dot” ran the biggest organized crime ring of thugs, bandits, murderers and highway men. Always operating in the unexplored wastes of the groves, right under the antennae of all 4 major governments and organizing all the biggest heists of the century, each bigger and more daring than the last. Mysteriously went missing after being challenged by their right hand bug to a 1-1 battle, very few were allowed to witness, but their disappearance lead to the collapse of the gang under a series of gang wars with one faction of loyalists and the other rallied under the highest ranking officer (who challenged big dot following their disappearance). As of today both are still missing, who knows where they are.


hi!!!! I updated my commissions stuff!!

I REALLY need to make money  in the next month, as i’ve been getting very few hours at my job and need to make extra cash as soon as possible.

I can offer sketches, detailed line art (which includes colored hair and eyes), and full color! It would mean a lot that even if you can’t commission me that you reblog this! Thank you so much!

Chart of colours based upon Benson’s ‘cube of colours’: sections at right angles with the primary axes of the cube. // Illustration for the monograph Principles of the science of colour concisely stated to aid and promote their useful application in the decorative arts by William Benson (Chapman & Hall, London, 1868)