art of the assassin

Aelin again ,testing my new drawing tablet on her  😄 .her daggers were inspired by hawk wings  😊 😜                                                                                                it’s more from the time when she was a badass assassin


Emily Kaldwin and her father, Corvo Attano from Dishonored :D Been wanting to do these two for so long since the first game came out but I was hesitant about my skill at the time. I appreciate the high level of detail the developers put into this game and I wanted to do the best fan art to show my gratitude :’D

So here they are! :DDDDD

Prints available on >>>Society6<<<


A commission I did for @animefanimefic :D
A scene from their Assassin AU!!! OuO
Give it a read~~~~

Here’s an excerpt!

Victor heard a shriek ring out over the pulsing beats and only had a moment to register that a body was tumbling backward down the small set of stairs leading from the dance floor.  He instinctively caught the raven-haired male before he could hit the ground.

 “I’m so sorry!” The young man cried out apologetically, turning in Victor’s arms as he steadied him with a firm grip.

 “It’s alright, I-” He was silenced as their eyes met and he gazed into a gorgeous pair of cinnamon-hued irises.  The young Japanese man before him released a barely audible gasp as the world melted away around them and the only sound Victor could hear was the rapid beat of his own heart in his ears.


A lot of you guys wanted to see Honorary Chocobro Sora in an Assassin costume… Here he is! :D


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