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So if wilson started dating, how would Angus and Gregg give the "if you do anything to hurt him" speech? same with Bea and Mae for Casey and Brooke

It went something like this…

They are a bit overprotective… But its not their fault that around their teen’s age they almost died in the center of the earth… In the woods…  ┐(o < o)┌

A scenario I imagined when Bea found out Mae is pregnant.

She’s so nervous, especially since she had to stop smoking. She had the worse withdrawal in her whole life.

When she got addicted to lollipops instead, she sometimes shove three of them into her mouth to calm her nerves.

Oh yeah, she faints once when Mae came back from a medical center and announced she’s pregnant and the second time when Gregg confirms that.

MaeBea babies AU belongs to @t3f3r You really should check the blog out for more x3

I can’t help but draw this cute little family x3

A little scenario that @blazeneko and @t3f3r came up. Mae will get jealous if Bea only pay attention to the kits so like it or not, Bea had to hold her too.

They’re heavy, but when they start to purr all together, she doesn’t mind carrying them for as long as they like.

Whenever Bea is in distraught/doubt, Mae will be the one to give her a kiss to comfort. Or whenever Bea is passed out on the couch due to being in the Ol’ Pickaxe all day, she would put a blanket over her and kiss her goodnight.

Little Casey and Baby Brooke belongs to @t3f3r! -ft. 2 year old Brooke x3

@t3f3r thank you very much for the original sketch!

(I’ve also made sure to include a bit of a crude copy of your watermark, I’ll send you a unmarked one)

I am engrossed in the story you’ve written into the time after NITW happens (it is extraordinarily interesting and more importantly, believable), I particularly like the concept of ghost Casey being a guardian to Cassandra and Brooke! I loved this sketch you did (it accurately represents Mae so well) so I decided to color it. Hope you enjoy it!

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Okay, we now know that Mae and Bea has two baby girls. But how about Bea's reaction of seeing Casey at the hospital? Like the proud parent reaction i.e. crying tears of joy and yells "I'm a mom!"

Bea’s reaction was definetly a proud parent.

Actually how this pretty much went down, Casey was suppose to be born sometime after Longest Night, but in actuality she was coming RIGHT on Longest Night (she was literally almost born at her grandparents’ place omgg). 

Bea rushed Mae to the hospital, and Casey was literally born moments after they got through the hospital doors. There was only one complication and that was Mae passing out from shock.

In Mae’s mind, she was experiencing the ‘dream state’ like she had previously in the game, but to Bea… Mae literally passed out due to her blood pressure reaching dangerously low and Bea nearly had a heart attack. 

Mae was fine though after the doctors got to her and soon the two were able to hold onto baby Casey for the very first time. Mae was surprised to see that the baby was actually pretty small than she had imagined lol-

But Bea tho… She fell in love with the baby and literally broke down into tears by how cute she was.

Baby number two, aka Brooke, had a much smoother delivery. And Bea was STILL very ecstatic lol. 

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Heeey! Guess who's back from vacation and near his art supplies! I've already finished the coloring on Wilson and Spidey, and I've begun work on the Multi-Spider-Men doodle! (Which I am now for certain will include Noir, Miles, 2099, earth 616, and Captain Spider) Just gotta find time to post the colored product soon . . . Oh, but I had a question! So we've seen what Mae and Bea are like when their, "Frisky", but what about Gregg and Angus? How do they get, "Frisky"?

Oh hey!! Welcome back!! 

Oh my gosh that’s so cool to hear! I can’t wait to see the colored versions soon! I know they are gonna look amazing!!! (>w<)b

Oh my… Haha, well I mean if it’s with Angus and Gregg, It will be something like this… With Gregg being Frisky, all he has to do is plant a lot, and I mean A LOT of kisses on Angus. And it works 98% of the time (because Angus LOVES kisses).

When it comes down to Angus being Frisky… Well he knows how to get to Gregg with a simple question…

… Don’t question what Marshmallow Mountain is, alright? xDD

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Does Mae and Bea still see Angus and Gregg and how are those two doing on their little ball of love? :3

Mae and Bea still do! They have been seeing the two since they both helped Angus and Gregg move to the city (Bea had the car at the time and Greg and Angus wanted to move a few of their things from their old apartment to their new one)

Also the two have been fine, actually they have been doing great! Especially with their son Wilson.

Here’s an old photo of the lovely family when Wilson was 1. 

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I have an image of the kittens sleeping together with their moms because they have a nightmare (even though Casey can Astral Project). Can we have that? :'3

That sounds like such a cute idea~!!! ♥♥♥
And even if Casey can Astrial project… she can still encounter some scary stuff!

Though, I believe if one (or both) of the girls have a nightmate than Bea may stay up a little bit later than Mae. Just because she wants to make sure that her fam is alright before she heads to bed herself. (owo)b

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I'm honestly seeing a funny scenario on how Bea and Mae raised their kid. Mae would teach her how to swear, smash people's properties, Etc. while Bea teachers her daughter why life sucks.

OH my gosh that’s TOTALLY what those two would do as parents. LMAO i can’t stop thinking of situations that are kind of like this one…

Loool thanks for stopping by!! (✿´꒳`)ノ°

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Ahhhh! You're so cute and thank you soooo much for making that mommy au because I could totally see that happening and I ship maebea so much! You're awesome, I hope you have an awesome day! Also like question I guess- has Bea ever held Mae's rodent babies? :3

Ahhhhhhh thank you so so so much!!! Im so happy to hear that you like my Mom AU/After story! 

I had fallen for the MaeBea ship the very first time I played Night in the Woods, and so after finishing the game I was like, ‘Oh, you know what would be cute?’ and just… The AU/After story was just a huge takeoff from there lol.

As for Bea and the roden babies… Well…

Mae is still trying to get her to hold them.

Again though, thank you so much for the lovely message, and I hope you have a wonderful day as well! ♥♥♥

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Did you know that alligators/crocodiles can't stick out their tongues due to them being attached to the bottom of their mouths? Kinda puts a whole new perspective on Bea and Mae when they lock lips.

Oh! Thats actually super cool!

Of course, that doesn’t mean Bea doesn’t like smooches tho.

She still loves smooches from Mae. >W<b

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He’s everyone’s senpai…. He’s even his own senpai.

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Hey in most of your art you show Bea with what I think looks like a lollipop. Is it a head-canon of yours (which I so so so support) that Mae eventually got Bea to stop smoking but since Bea was so used to having something in her mouth she got hooked on lollipops instead?

Oh yeah! I’m so happy that you guys caught that on! 

Yeah as soon as Mae found out she was pregnant, Bea try to go cold turkey… And it was hard. Sometimes she would leave the house just to have a quick smoke outside, Mae would allow it cause she knows how hard it is for Bea to quit out of the blue. 

Eventually Bea got around to just buying a TON of lollypops as a replacement for the cigarettes, and soon enough she got more cravings for the candy than the cigarettes… Sometimes she may have a smoke or two, but that seems to be very rare.

She literally buys them by the bulk at the Pick Ax. xDD 

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"What do you do when your boyfriend and best friend hate each other?" "Also could you design me an outfit starring steves jacket when you find time? Please? I'd love to see what you come up with! I mean, if you want to."

Oh… Huh… Well-

If your boyfriend and friend hate each other then maybe it’ll be a good idea to not have them interact a whole lot? I mean if one of them tags along on a trip or outing and they keep the peace for the time being then that’s cool. But just try not to force them to get along or be friends… Cause that’ll just end up like a huge mess I guess? 

As for the outfit idea… I came up with THIS:

So like… when he comes up to you be like- ‘Yo, I got you some flowers’ and then open up the jacket like- BAM! The flowers are on your chest. 

Trust me… He’ll love it. 


cryssalia  asked:

I know Brooke is the sleepy type but did she ever like sleep crawling and did some random shenanigans when she was in that state? Since she's basically "Bea's little kitten", can we see Bea taking care of her?

Brooke would do everything from sleep crawling, accidentally falling asleep while eating, taking a bath, or even just making someone pick her up from the floor just so she can sleep in their arms. ♡(ᐤˊ꒳ˋᐤ )

Also…. OF COURSE you can have a pic of Bea taking care of her baby kitten…