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theetechnoneko submitted:

So I’m pretty sure I blacked out while drawing this, which is why I took out the little me in the corner, but I put it in because it was slightly funny to me XD
Top is the fixed one, bottom is the original XD these outfits were based off of old doodle of my friends and I when we used to make up our own adventure story thing, just without the fifty belts and straps that are used for nothing at all XD

Diadumenè (1885, revised 1893). Sir Edward John Poynter (British, 1836-1919). Oil on canvas.

Diadumenè, derived from the Esquiline Venus and named after the Diadumenos of Polyclitus, originally exhibited at the RA in 1885 as a nude, inspired a debate regarding the nude in art. Poynter, despite his strong stance against his critics, was compelled to add drapery. The small bronze statue in the background echoes Diadumenè’s pose, but its still undraped state is a reminder of Poynter’s original intentions for the work.

(( Happy Birthday to Teru!! I can’t believe the Hanazawas are Homestucks… This is the biggest canvas I’ve ever drawn on. I like how it turned out. I got the aura colors from that one post, but I can’t find the original… If you know who did it, please tell me so I can credit them. ))