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While Jack’s dilemma gives The Nightmare Before Christmas its plot, Sally’s gives it its heart. Sally also gives everyone the best advice.
—  Caroline Thompson (The Nightmare Before Christmas, film’s screenplay writer)
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Name: Joe
Age: 20
Country: England

Hello! I am looking to find someone to snail mail with and maybe share cute little gifts and stuff. I don’t mind about age or gender, but ideally would like a girl (I promise I won’t hit on you, I just prefer female company) who generally has the Tumblr vibe, likes cats and coffee and art and music, stuff like that. Bonus points if you’re from America or Italy! Basically looking to make a really good friend that is willing to share rants, advice, gossip, worries, and laugh with. Almost like an interactive diary, that tells me about their day to day life as well. I am v v busy so letters may be a little slow to come through, but I promise it would be packed with everything there is to know about me, and questions and gifts for you too! (I imagine it will be quite bulky, so be prepared for that lol).

A quick overview of my interests are:

I love to cook! I don’t have much experience, but when I cook, I feel awesome and I love every second of it! I enjoy reading occasionally, but I rarely have time to do so anymore. I like music of all genres, but I tend to mostly like melancholy lyrics. I’m still low-key in my emo phase. But I also like lots of uplifting pop songs, electronic music, and recently gotten into the lyricism of rap. I love cats and everything about cats and I really want a cat, and if you have a cat I expect like 50 pictures of it with every letter. I really like being cosy and comfortable, and decorating my room to be like the stereotypical tumblr bedroom with fairy lights and books, warm colours, etc. There is a reason behind that, but I’ll leave that for later! I am rambling a little now! I apologise.

Preferences: 18+

tbh i’m aware that while im an anarchist w revolutionary ideals and intent to become a freedom fighter in the future, as of now i’m not actually able to realistically act on those ideas in the black bloc, antifascist direct action and black-and-red flag waving way. all i’d achieve by doing that is largely performative nonsense that’ll get me a record and keep me from doing anything actually helpful in the future when i A) live in a place where political activism and discourse is relevant and B) have the independence and resources to make real commitments and do concrete things to help. 

besides which, when you consider that those most oppressed by class struggle and the increasingly fascistic society we live in in general are PoC, in many ways it isn’t my fight in the first place. for now the way that i can best prepare to help the movement is to educate myself, listen to people who are on the street and have lived more life than me, and focus on valuing and protecting all human life possible regardless of country of origin and basically any other differences short of having the intent to harm others or advance fascist agendas

the reason i’m sharing this is that i know a lot of people are in my situation and i want to remind you that most of the struggle isn’t punching nazis and setting cop cars on fire and shit, it’s striving to be excellent to other people and prioritizing the needs of those with less. we need to be willing to be radical and back up our ideals, but be strategic. it’s more important to make as big a dent as possible in the capitalist empire, even if that means biding your time, than to just always be raging against a machine so large that one person’s idealistic refusal to cooperate will only mean we have one less individual to help us present real resistance when the time comes

guys omg so i was looking through my pile of notebooks and i found a bunch of poems i had written last year that i’m pretty sure i never posted?? when i get out of the shower i’m gonna work on typing them up and posting them!

also i found some of the original/first drafts of some of the poems in Have Some Pride, if it’s something yall would be interested in i can scan and upload them?? my handwriting is atrocious though lmao 


toad made a good effort, but the stars don’t align for him the same way they do for waluigi, or @therealjacksepticeye playing mario kart 8 deluxe is the best thing ever.

(inspired by the best game ever made; this is my first digital drawing… ever… so any critique is v v welcome <3)

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Name: Kelsey
Age: 19
Country: Canada

Hey there! My name is Kelsey, I’m currently 19 years old and I live in Canada! I just finished my first year in college studying Human Services and plan to go to university after to get my bachelor of arts and with a major in psychology.

Some things that I love include thrift shopping, journaling, poetry, tea, netflix, succulents, flowers, photography, doodling, wine, going on adventures, reading, nature, eating, and cooking!

Preferences: I’d prefer females, ages 18-25, and snail mail only. I speak English and a little French which I would love to improve, so if you are interested in writing back and forth in French that would be great!

hi i cleaned up the elfie which just so happens to be @winter-treats‘ character from our soon-to-be dnd sessions! :’) if you want me to paint the rest of the gang i’ll try