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Consuelo Vanderbilt, Duchess of Marlborough (c.1900). Paul César Helleu (French, 1859-1927). Pastel on canvas.

There is an immediacy and touching intimacy of Helleu’s portrait. The depiction of the 23 year old Duchess, elegantly dressed with a ribbon emphasizing the long neck for which she was so famous, staring off into the distance with a brightness and intelligence to her eyes, must be as close as we can get to seeing how Consuelo would have wanted to portray herself.

Another piece for this PMV/MAP! I chose this part because I thought Mettaton’s part of it would be interesting to draw (especially since I have experience drawing destroyed robots) but it turned out this part was interesting to draw?? Again, not satisfied with the perspective (I used no perspective lines so it’s a very warped 3-point perspective) but I think I can get away with it because temmie.

shandrak  asked:


Dude it was my jam during Middle School!! I only bought the first volume because I planned to buy the whole set but grew out of it as do most interests. But I look back to it fondly cause I used to read it a lot when I was able to go to the book store with my parents. 

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack heh owo! And I’m already in  vacations, well I have time to draw! 

/!\ Welp, I don’t know what to draw… Ask is open, so you can ask me what to draw!


-I will not draw OCs!!

-I can draw NSFW but not really hard :’’) okay i’m a perv but please xD

-I can draw ship (straight, gay, incest… Whatever :’)!) 

- I can draw:

  • Osomatsu san
  • Eddsworld
  • Mob Psycho 100
  • Yuri On Ice
  • Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Hamilton
  • Durarara
  • Warrior Cat
  • SCP Foundation
  • Mortis Ghost’s OFF
  • Homestuck

Thank you if you will ask me ;v;! <3 (Ask is always open, dun’t be shy c:)

For @sorethpid <3 my part in our art trade!! (finally ><”) here’s things getting a little intimate between late taotu Alex and his favourite prof Miles during a particular visit to his office X) the idea came from our discussion around her lovely fic, please check it out if you haven’t already I promise you’ll love it!! <3

I did a Thing today
There’s a free creative writing group at my local library and I actually… went to it… on my own… There were about 10 people with an average age of 65 (possibly 70), mostly women, and each week someone puts forward a theme and everyone has half an hour to write something related to the theme and then reads it out to everyone, and they comment on it. The theme was ‘going on a journey’, which I duly forgot about, and after about 10 minutes of staring at the paper thinking ‘oh god what am I doing here’ I finally thought of a starting sentence. I wrote about an eight y/o boy called Theo who is at the beach with his older brother and finds a stray kitten. I didn’t actually get to the kitten part. But I wrote about a page and shakily read it out (quite badly, because a great deal was messily crossed out) and they seemed quite impressed haha. Most of the other people wrote anecdotes about their train journeys… They were more fluent/confident writers than me but their writings were more like diary entries than fiction. But the people were all really nice, anyway. The organiser said I wrote well, and the lady next to me liked my descriptions. Others were very complimentary. An old seacaptain-like man with a soft Northern Irish accent sat opposite me, and told us about the time he was away in France and went to a patisserie and the lady behind the counter was so pretty he forgot all the French he had learned and stumbled back out of the shop without buying anything. There was a woman with Alice in Wonderland syndrome who has a fear of travelling on the tube on her own in case she has an episode. I remember these things because I relate to them, to some extent. In short: woo I left the house and did a really scary thing which doesn’t seem like a big deal really but reading out a story that I wrote in 20 minutes without editing it to a group of strangers is……. An Awful Lot for me