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Day 17 of @thatsthat24 inktober: Think of one really good/funny/happy memory from this year or sometime recently that you’d like to illustrate and accompany with explanation. What a lovely prompt.

Over the summer, my older brother and I watched all of our favorite movies from when we were younger, before we dropped him off for college in a different continent. Nostalgia nirvana! I’m missing him this year, but this was a nice memory to make before he left for his own adventures.


Museum of the Moon by Luke Jerram

I got a chance to visit the Artemis by Audible exhibit which featured a giant moon and it was breathtaking. I didn’t want to leave. It was literally a giant 360° moon using NASA imagery of the lunar surface just hanging from the ceiling. I spent my time staring at it and walking around it, just completely mesmerized by this moon. The exhibit took place during NY Comic Con (you might spot an Eleven). I was actually dressed as Raven Reyes too, but it was too dark to see.


Hanahaki Disease: Its basically where flowers start growing inside your throat, making it harder and harder to breathe. The growth of flowers in your neck occurs when you like/love/or have interest(?) in someone. You can either take the flowers out with surgery-not being able to love again- or let them grow, blocking your windpipe until you- well…die.

(Exact definition CaseyKeshui, the artist, gave)