art of looking

the little ways aaron differs from andrew in looks

  • andrew’s skin is slightly darker with lighter hair from going outside more than aaron
  • aaron’s freckles show less as well
  • the chubbiness of aarons cheeks shows more from working out less
  • he’s all around scrawnier yet chubbier than andrew for the same reason
  • the stress he goes through shows on his features more:
  • messier hair from running his hands through it
  • lips red and chapped from biting them
  • cries more
  • trying to be a med student AND an athlete is tough work give him a break
  • wow i love aaron minyard
  • where was i going with this

This is my evolution of drawing Shaw….from the first time to the most recent. I’m going to cry this is my art journey as well as the process of falling in love with Sameen Shaw

Hey, I reeeeeally love your art style, it inspired me to draw BATIM 🖤 stay awesome :3

I drew your little baby boy with an angry face >:3 love him so much!!!!!


When you’re mad because no one takes you seriously, all because you look so cute when you’re mad. XDDDDDD

-Mod Mama

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