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back at it again with those nge aus

commission for @burnthoneyy !!! thank u so much for commissioning me!!

(my commissions are closed at the moment!)

please do not repost as this was a commission and would be disrespectful to both me and the commissioner!


Sandylion Spongebob stickers🦀🐠


As some of you know I am a full-time veterinary technology student, and I was getting super frustrated at the lack of basic radiographic positioning aids that I made them myself. These all correspond to images I need for one of my classes this semester. 

not the standard dog/fanart but thought I’d share!! ** please do not take without asking! :)


Hey, art or something!

My wrist feels beter for the most part. It still hurts when I draw for too long, but at least I can actually draw now. All that’s left is to reteach myself how to draw lol

My headcanon is that Fi’s body is composed of a mixture of very rare material from Hyrule and the Fairy Realm and some of the materials used for her don’t exist anymore. Fi infuses the cape she wears (and any other clothing with long sleeves) with magic so she can move them to some degree, but nothing very fine tuned. The prosthetic arms are made from a mixture of materials close to Fi’s actual body composition so she can use them as actual arms.

Fi’s prosthetic arms probably aren’t really going to show up in any of my comics or other art. Not on this blog. They will, however, show up on a specific blog not meant for children. Cough.