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ok so

OTGW Hybrid AU

where Wirt is a deer hybrid and terrified of the similarities between himself and The Beast. where he hates being timid and fretful because that’s such a deer thing to be. where he finally gets tired of being the hunted and stands up to the hunter… yeah? nah?

aaand with optional beast!Wirt. he’s really rockin’ those antlers


From a grass lawn to an iridescent Pavilion - see how the 2015 Serpentine Pavilion, designed by SelgasCano (José Selgas and Lucía Cano) , was constructed. video: youtube/ Serpentine Galleries

Get inspired by the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the New York Botanical Gardens, and view equally colorful and vibrant vintage rugs!


22" x 28" Oil on Canvas

All things grow, all things blossom in time. It may take days, months or years, but ultimately there is a coming of age where we find our sense of being. It feels like home as we settle in and from there, our lives begin.

I once called this piece my greatest mess. It is one of the first pieces I ever started and not knowing much about the processes of oil painting, it quickly turned into what has been referred to as MUD. That awful beige that reveals itself when too much wet paint has been added to the canvas and no matter what color you add to it, it stays a horrible beige.

It then sat for 5 years until I had the courage to show it to a friend. As she looked upon it, one of the 3 cats named Wednesday (all the cats were named Wednesday, but in different languages because in the studio Wednesday was part of the weekend) went through my things and found a yellow silk flower that had belonged to my mother. Wednesday then came up to my friend and dropped it in front of her while looking at this piece. She looked down and said, “Huh, a waterlily.” ….

In that moment, a yellow waterlily blossomed on the canvas right before my eyes and the painting was done 7 days later.

Artist: Keith Prossick