art of erte



Gonna do these doodles from time to time. It’s basically a dump of stuff I doodled in my notebook and then I got them digitalized. ‘Cuz mostly everything in my notebook nao is Hamilton XDDD If y’all can see it, you’ll get a flood of Undertale then you get Hamz.

Idk if I should make an Undertale dump, too, ‘cuz I got a lot of projects this year involving UT X3

And watch out! I’m makin’ Hamilton animatics soon! :333

A lot of stuff there is inspired by @galactibun‘s animatics btw. They’re awesome X3

“We think we know you.” - from what. (Bo Burnham)


Yeah… It’s just one of those days when you feel sarcastic and deep as heck and you feel like ya want to open up a comedy show to vent weird ass stuff and say weird crap and everybody laughs as you attempt to give people what you can’t give yourself.

We all have our Bo days. Just so happens I’m having mine right now.

I hope you’re happy.