art of drums

but like,, ok hear me out- everybody lives and they form a band called ‘Veronica and the Heathers’ and they write songs about how crappy JD is and how he sucks n stuff- 

Just wanted to see Percy as a drummer and it somehow gave birth to this piece.

I just think Percy would be too ADHD (add to that his dyslexia) to properly learn how to read chords and play guitar or piano. Maybe in the long run, someone might teach him other instruments but I think Percy would rock as a drummer.

Also have this fanfiction I’m writing titled “Battle Of The Bands” with drummer!Percy but I haven’t finished writing and editing the first 2 chapters.

(I used a reference pose for this one as well)


I really enjoyed Night in the Woods, one of the best games from my opinion and not because I really liked the art or the story of this project, surprisingly, I identify with one of the characters and I saw the story of some of my friends too. 

The only thing that I would like on this game was a more close friendship between Mae and Bea like it was with Gregg, and have money to buy the game too, but I really liked watch it with the voice acting of @therealjacksepticeye​. Man, if you could do Bea’s route it would be AWESOME!

Watch on

when ya boy josh makes aggressive eye contact with you while drumming 😍

I say this with all of the love in my heart,

Please take care of yourself during season.
Obviously take care of yourself outside of season too but please
Remember to bring water to practice and to stay hydrated outside of practices
Remember to eat *at least* two good sized meals a day and a snack before practice if its late (mine are 6:45pm-9:10pm)
If you injure yourself dont put off seeing a medical professional if it needs attention
And remember that your mental health is just as important as your physical health.
Your team may need you, but you come first.
Please listen to yourself and your body, your health is whats important.