art of blue sky studios

Happy First Anniversary to the Peanuts Movie! By far one of my absolute favorite films to come out of Blue Sky Studios! I may not have worked on this film, but I can just FEEL the love, effort, and fear that was put into this film, and I adore it for that.

This picture was pretty difficult for me because I’m not used to drawing group shots. I can only draw like two people together. XD But I still pursued! Even if it didn’t come out QUITE as good as I had hoped it would. Especially how I drew Linus and Lucy, I’m cringing so bad! XD

But I hope you guys like it. Cause I’m certainly happy that I drew it. :D

Here’s a color key from my new class on color scripting! You can sign up at until the 30 of Sept to get the full tutorial bundle

Three years ago i started on the #PeanutsMovie. Im so proud of this film. Today you can finally see it! And more important, happy birthday to my amazing wife @ani_car who is my biggest #inspiration. #iloveyou #animation #birthday

Ice Pond Exploration Painting. Charlie Brown character by the amazing Jose Manuel Fernandez Oli. Early on, my art director asked me to come up with a look for the ice pond that was appealing but matched the painting Oli had already done. We wanted something that was beautiful but didn’t look like it was about to be completely melted (the darker/saturated the colors get on ice usually means they are almost melted). This was the happy medium I landed on.