art of bartending

Yesterday my brother asked me to draw Rayleigh with Dumbledore. I guess he was worried about not being able to tell them apart in the bar. Well I said just follow them and see if one of them go for butterbeer instead of normal beer lol. That would totally be Dumbledore. 

“FanArt - Smoke Break (Va-11 Hall-A)”

Been meaning to do some Va-11 Hall-A fanart for a while, so here’s a first try with Jill having a smoke break ~ 

What would you serve her?

Some Pixel Art Practice! (Click to enlarge since Tumblr is weird)

I painstakingly re-created the animations and format of the VA-11 HALL-A menu and did my own sprite using Marilag.

I hope you all know this means I am going to make a million sprites from now on. This is too much power for one person to have.